Here in Seattle, it seems that there is only one point on everyone’s minds: summer. With what will seem choose the flick of a switch, the Pacific Northwest will become a utopia of sunshine, 80 level days and eight o’clock sunsets.

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But as Game of Thrones enthusiasts are familiar, the just seachild that matters best now is winter… because winter is HERE! Today we celebprice the conclusion of the HBO hit, Game of Thrones which starts it’s last seachild tonight.

Needless to say, the team is mildly excited. And by mildly excited we intend pee our pants, jump over the moon, kiss a stranger sort of excited. And with that level of enthusiasm, tbelow is only point to really carry out if you’re functioning for a beer blog – to acquire out every one of that pent up power. Come up through a drinking game.

We hope that you gain our Video Game of Thrones Drinking Game for the premiere, as well as the remainder of the seaboy. Playing through delicious drinks is very urged, yet not recommfinished.

Video Game of Thrones Drinking Game


Every time a primary character dies, take a shot.

You’ll have to hope that tright here are no even more red-wedding-favor scenes via this ascendancy.


Eincredibly time you see a dragon, drink one.

Since what would certainly a Game of Thrones drinking game be without dragons?


Eincredibly time Jon Scurrently is the last one standing, cheers to the King of the North and take a drink!

Is Jon the one true king?


Eexceptionally time Arya is the last one standing, everyone in the room must make a various face and also end up their drinks.

The girl thinks that she is prepared to drink, yet is she?


Eextremely time tbelow is a scene in a brothel, boys drink.

And take another sip for eincredibly pair of boobs you watch while we’re at it.


Every time Tyrion drinks or mentions wine, drink with him.

Since who is a far better drinking buddy than Lord Tyrion?


Every time Daenerys claims the throne, drink two drinks for her remaining dragons.

Let’s hope no more dragons end up being White “Flyers”


Eexceptionally time Cersei snarls, drink one.

You will certainly be drinking fairly a bit. Like a lot. A lot a lot.


Eextremely time tright here is a scene over a dinner or banquet, attempt your friends drink.

But please no random deaths or poisonings please. This is a happy dinner.


Every time Jaime Lannister is in the scene, drink via your non leading hand also for the rest of the scene.

Out of respect, you know?


Every time someone talks around the rightful king, drink two. 

Tbelow are about seventeenager rightful kings, so sorry around this one.


Eextremely time a significant character gets eliminated by a White Walker freeze what you’re doing then drink and also pour one out.

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What eliminated the 7 kingdoms? The ice ageeeeee.


And lastly, if Jon and also Daenerys are the last ones standing together, link arms via everyone at your watch party and also end up your drinks! 


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