Episode 8 of Video Game of Thrones sixth seaboy proved a very brief conversation between Cersei Lannister and her aide and also the Master of Whisperers, Qyburn. It left fans wondering just what this pair is as much as. So just what was sassist in the cryptic conversation and also what does it all mean?

SPOILER ALERT: This write-up consists of information and speculation around upcoming episodes of HBO"s Video Game of Thrones and also the books the TV series is based on. Please continue through caution if you wish to avoid potential spoilers.

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In Episode 8 of Game of Thrones Cersei (Lena Headey) learns around King Tommen"s (Dean-Charles Chapman) decree that the "trial by combat" alternative she had been relying on had actually now been rerelocated and also she was currently challenged through an actual trial – a trial that will be more reliant on what the Faith Militant think to be true quite than basing their opinion on physical proof. But it was her brief conversation via Qyburn (Anton Lesser) that was the the majority of amazing.""That old rumor you told me around — my little bit birds investigated," Qyburn claims.

"Tell me, was it a rumor or something more?" Cersei replies.

"More, Your Grace. So a lot more.""Surely Cersei need to be even more involved around the power she believed she had actually in her trial and the reality it had actually just been rerelocated, meaning she was currently vulnerable to a trial entailing the charges of incest and regicide. However, it seems she is intrigued what Qyburn"s words, and the audience was left wondering what they had missed in previous episodes of Video Game of Thrones.

As Refinery29 points out, Qyburn provides the youngsters of King"s Landing to listen out for all the rumors and also gossip that might be of interest to both himself and also Cersei. In return, Qyburn rewards the kids through sweets. It is a terrific means to source indevelopment, as adults will certainly commonly talk in front of youngsters and also think nothing of it.

But what might the kids perhaps have heard that will help out Cersei in her existing situation? The Independent thinks Cersei and Qyburn are talking about the long-organized suspicion that the Mad King Aerys II had actually a surprise stash of wildfire. If Cersei can acquire her hands on it, she could conveniently cause sufficient chaos so she and also her kid could escape King"s Landing. If Margaery were to die in the fire, it is most likely Cersei would certainly not really care, as it would certainly location Tomguys ago right into her control. While this notion appears quite random, tbelow is some weight to it as soon as you begin looking.


For the longest time, Cersei has threatened to "burn cities to the ground" in relation to her saving her kids if she had to. And at the minute, it seems pretty obvious that King Tomguys is no much longer under the control of Cersei, however rather his brand-new bride, Margaery (Natalie Dormer), a womale Cersei despised well before her existing situation.

Another interesting point to note is the truth that, not lengthy after this conversation is had actually between Cersei and also Qyburn, there is a scene including a quite lengthy conversation between Cersei"s brvarious other, Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), and also Edmure Tully (Topredisposition Menzies). This conversation centers around Jaime talking around exactly how equivalent Cersei is to Edmure"s sister, the late Catelyn Stark, in regards to how fiercely they both defend their youngsters. In specific, Jaime proclaimed Cersei would certainly "burn cities to ash" for her youngsters. Could this be HBO foreshadowing in regards to the previous conversation in between Cersei and Qyburn?

Entertainment Weekly also seems keen on this wildfire concept. A current post points out the fact that, in the publications the TV series is based upon, Cersei does get her hands on some wildfire in A Feast for Crows. Sure it had nopoint to carry out via the Faith Militant, yet it is confirmation that Cersei would certainly be the type of person that would execute poor points via wildfire in her possession.

Vanity Fair likewise points out that there is still an additional clue that wildfire might be checked out in upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones. A few episodes earlier, in among Bran"s visions, the audience learned tright here was indeed a substantial stash of wildfire underneath King"s Landing. In this vision, it was shown that the wildfire had erupted, and the suspicion is that this vision of Bran"s was, in truth, a flash-forward – not a flashago. So, could this intend Cersei will certainly be successful in igniting King"s Landing through wildfire? Only time will tell.

If the teaser video below and also title of Episode 9 of Game of Thrones is an indicator, it appears this little mystery is unlikely to be solved in following week"s episode. Perhaps fans will certainly have to wait until Seaboy 7 to uncover out more. However, considering it was Cersei that uttered the famous line, "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die," fans have the right to intend Cersei will certainly not go dvery own without a fight.

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What perform you think Cersei and Qyburn were talking around in Episode 8 of Video Game of Thrones? Let us understand your thoughts and also theories by commenting below!

Seaboy 6 of Video Game of Thrones retransforms to HBO through Episode 9, entitled "Battle of the Bastards," on Sunday, June 19, at 9 p.m. ET. As yet, no official synopsis has actually been released for this episode, yet it is fairly clear this episode will certainly be all about the enormous fight between Jon Scurrently and also Ramsay Bolton.