In order to perform this, you must initially prepare at leastern 4 batches of meth on the first day of Rats. To cook meth, you must wait until Bain instructs you to location an ingredient right into the food preparation procedure (Muriatic Acid, Caustic Soda, Hydrogen Chloride), and also carry out this three times for each batch. The ingredients deserve to spawn in the bathroom, the basement, the two locked sheds outside, or the tray of the truck in the driveway. If you're uncertain about which ingredient to include based upon what Bain claims, below is eextremely statement that Bain will certainly make:Add muriatic acid if you hear:

Acid, men, acid. Get some and pour it in tright here.Add muriatic acid, to proceed the process!Ah, OK... Muria, muriatic acid. Add more.Cooking ameans fine - demands more acid though.Hm, yeah it is not caustic soda... Yeah. It have to be acid. Yep, sure that is it.I'm 100% it is muriatic acid now. Just add it.Looking at this site... Says acid is supplied in this step... We obtained muriatic, right?Mu... Muriatic acid - we need some more in there.OK, so add caustic... No, wait, include acid - muriatic acid.

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Add caustic soda to continue the process!

Caustic standard reactivity is currently added. OK you acquired any soda around? Add it.Caustic chloride. Says it is liquid form... Wait a minute... Should be soda, right?Caustic soda - yep, that's it. Go for it.I'm 100% it is some caustic soda needed right here. Drop some in.I'm just guessing at this point... These internet descriptions are iffy.It needs hydrogen chloride, for sure... OK wait, soda... Yeah, caustic soda!Says we need club soda to acquire this temperature up... Sounds odd. What have the right to you get?Try caustic soda....Or hydrogen... No no, wait, soda... Go for that. Yeah.

Add hydrogen chloride if you hear:

Add hydrogen chloride to continue the process!Caustic chloride. Says it is some solid create... Wait a... Should be that hydrogen, right?Fuck me, we required those cooks. I'm going with chloride.Fuck me, we needed those cooks. I'm going via hydrogen.Fuck me, we necessary those damn cooks. I'm going via caustic soda.Hydrogen... Is that a gas... Can't be a solid... Says add it. You males obtained a gas tank?I'm not 100% yet I think it is hydrogen chloride currently. Yep, should be.It demands hydrogen chloride - for sure.It needs hydrogen chloride, for sure... No, no wait... Yeah, OK.This website claims somepoint else... Chloride soda hydrogen mix. I don't recognize, go for it - somepoint.

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Once you have at leastern 4 bags of meth, move onto Day 2. Move the bags onto the truck by the gangsters, then relocate right into the apartments and steal the intel, which is your payment. Once you have the intel, steal ago all of your meth, then end up the heist for the trophy. If the gangsters control to burn the intel, then ssuggest restart Day 2.You don't actually need to give the meth bags to the gangsters and also then steal them earlier later, as lengthy as you begin Day 2 via at leastern 4 bags and also steal the intel, you'll get the trophy (thanks SonicBelmont for confirming this).In order to buy the contract on, Rats expenses between $237,500 (Normal) and also $950,000 (Overkill Pro) from your off-shore account.