S5 · E1 · Fresh Off the RV

5 Oct 2018

While Honey and also Marvin celebprice the birth of their baby,... more

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S5 · E2 · The Hand also That Sits the Cradle

12 Oct 2018

When Jessica provides to help out tired new mother Honey... more

S5 · E3 · Workin' the 'ween

19 Oct 2018

Honey and Marvin ask Jessica and Louis to be baby Maria's... more

S5 · E4 · Driver's Eddie

2 Nov 2018

Louis makes it his mission to teach Eddie how to be an excellent... more

S5 · E5 · Mo' Chinese Mo' Problems

9 Nov 2018

Jessica and also Lewis are thrilled past idea as soon as they... more

S5 · E6 · Sub Standard

16 Nov 2018

Jessica becomes concerned when she discovers that Eddie's... more

S5 · E7 · Where Have All the Cattlemen Gone?

7 Dec 2018

Louis finds out Matthew Chestnut is quitting the restaurant... more

S5 · E8 · Cousin Eddie

14 Dec 2018

The battle starts in between mommy and kid once Eddie increates... more

S5 · E9 · Just the Two of Us

4 Jan 2019

Louis and Jessica think they've won a weekend getaway at a... more

S5 · E10 · You've Got a Girlfriend

11 Jan 2019

Evan has actually a girlfriend! And Jessica deeply disapproves... more

S5 · E11 · Driver's Eddie 2: Orlanperform Drift

18 Jan 2019

Eddie finally gets his driver's license; however instead of... more

S5 · E12 · Legends of the Fortieth

25 Jan 2019

Louis is obsessed via the great outdoors after seeing brand-new... more

S5 · E13 · Grand-mahjong

1 Feb 2019

It's Chinese New Year and the Lees, Elaine, Julius and also child,... more

S5 · E14 · Cupid's Crossbow

15 Feb 2019

On Valentine's Day, the mood is anypoint however romantic as... more

S5 · E15 · Be a Man

22 Feb 2019

Jessica drives Principal Hunter crazy at Evan's institution when... more

S5 · E16 · Trentina

1 Mar 2019

Eddie starts dating Trent's sister Tina but it puts a strain... more

S5 · E17 · These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

8 Mar 2019

Eddie, angry after his mommy tells him he's also immature to go... more

S5 · E18 · Rancho Contento

15 Mar 2019

Louis tries his best to convince Jessica to take into consideration early on... more

S5 · E20 · Nerd Watching

29 Mar 2019

Tensions between Evan and Eddie run high as Evan's friends... more

S5 · E21 · Under the Taipei Sun

5 Apr 2019

Eddie ships off to Taiwan for the cultural exadjust... more

S5 · E22 · No Apology Necessary

12 Apr 2019

Just as the Huangs are settling right into life without Eddie, an... more

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S5 · E18 · Rancho ContentoWhat is the name of the song Machild was playing on the sax at the finish of the episode?? more


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