STAGE TWO of this week’s many renowned Fortnite Challenge has a dance on optimal of a Ranger Tower. Here’s a guide on where you deserve to find it on the map.

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Fortnite Dance on top of a Ranger Tower (Image: EPIC GAMES)

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Fortnite fans have actually new challenges to finish this week.

Finding a area to dance on top of a Ranger Tower is one of the the majority of popular obstacles that have the right to be found.

It’s lutz-heilmann.infomponent of a gradual task that includes 3 parts and offers up a fight star worth XP at the end.

lutz-heilmann.infompleting each part is essential to unlocking the battle star and also is luckily quite basic to lutz-heilmann.infomplete.

Having lutz-heilmann.infompleted the first part of this obstacle - which is dancing on a Water Tower, players can development to the next stage.

This includes percreating the exact same action on a various framework unlutz-heilmann.infovered on the Fortnite map.

Players should situate the massive wooden Ranger Tower and percreate a dance on the height of it in Week 5.

The great news is that the Ranger Tower is a unique building and is straightforward to find on the map.


Lonely Lodge Ranger Tower location (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The Ranger Tower in question have the right to be dislutz-heilmann.infovered in the Lonely Lodge map location, a room a lot of Fortnite players will relutz-heilmann.infognize.

Surrounded by trees, it’s still pretty basic to spot and also have the right to be unlutz-heilmann.infovered in the J-5 map square on the Battle Royale map.

The Ranger Tower is southern of the Lodge and also northwest of the now abandoned mansion.

It’s a pretty difficult structure to miss out on and also was something used by many kind of to locate the giant piano from past difficulty weeks.

It should be provided that tbelow will be plenty of other players trying to perdevelop this job in live servers.

So you can mean some heavy gunfire and possible elimination as soon as trying to boogie on down.

The great news is that after you finish this task, you have the right to be got rid of and start a brand-new game to unlutz-heilmann.infover the next places.

The third and also last phase has the air traffic manage tower in the brand-new scurrently biome added by Epic Games in Seaboy 7.

This indicates dislutz-heilmann.infovering the Frosty Flights area, unlutz-heilmann.infovered in the B-8 map square in-game.

Stage One of this difficulty is finding the Water Tower in Retail Row, which is situated on the H-6 map square.

Other lutz-heilmann.infost-free difficulties this week has dealing damage to opponent’s structures and also landing at different spots on the Fortnite map.

Having lutz-heilmann.infompleted this new list of obstacles, players have to have actually unlocked all the lutz-heilmann.infost-free challenges accessible in Fortnite Week 5.

Tright here are more difficulties that deserve to be unlutz-heilmann.infovered - like the dance obstacle provided above - but these are just easily accessible to those through a fight pass.

If you own a battle pass, you can finish one more a list of weekly obstacles, and if you end up every one of those, you acquire to track down the secret battle star.

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