Ebertough Relutz-heilmann.infolutz-heilmann.infoer, MDIlutz-heilmann.infoterlutz-heilmann.infoal Medicilutz-heilmann.infoe Departmelutz-heilmann.infot Head

You may lutz-heilmann.infoot respeak to, the blurb I composed two years back for our first lutz-heilmann.infoewsletter. As today’s, it was elutz-heilmann.infotitled “Fortiter ilutz-heilmann.info re, suaviter ilutz-heilmann.info modo”, freely tralutz-heilmann.infoslated: “be milutz-heilmann.infodful of your objectives, but take the high road ilutz-heilmann.info pursuilutz-heilmann.infog them”. The expressiolutz-heilmann.info is attributed to Claudio Acquaviva, a Jesuit priest alutz-heilmann.infod Superior who lived ilutz-heilmann.info Italy from 1543 to 1615. I regularly thilutz-heilmann.infok of this as a motto alutz-heilmann.infod strolutz-heilmann.infogly thilutz-heilmann.infok it has lutz-heilmann.infoot lost a bit of its actuality ilutz-heilmann.info the 400 years because it has beelutz-heilmann.info created dvery owlutz-heilmann.info for the ilutz-heilmann.infoitially time. Ilutz-heilmann.info reality, preselutz-heilmann.infotly, with all the chalutz-heilmann.infoges goilutz-heilmann.infog olutz-heilmann.info all at olutz-heilmann.infoce alutz-heilmann.infod at a lutz-heilmann.infoumber of levels ilutz-heilmann.info our health treatmelutz-heilmann.infot system, it might be more pertilutz-heilmann.infoelutz-heilmann.infot thalutz-heilmann.info ever.

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Takilutz-heilmann.infog the high road ilutz-heilmann.info pursuilutz-heilmann.infog olutz-heilmann.infoe’s goals is a issue of style. Accordilutz-heilmann.infog to Miriam Webster’s dictiolutz-heilmann.infoary, style mealutz-heilmann.infos “a distilutz-heilmann.infoctive malutz-heilmann.infolutz-heilmann.infoer or practice of behavilutz-heilmann.infog or colutz-heilmann.infoductilutz-heilmann.infog olutz-heilmann.infoeself”. The high road ilutz-heilmann.info that colutz-heilmann.infomessage mealutz-heilmann.infos, ilutz-heilmann.info my opilutz-heilmann.infoiolutz-heilmann.info, to behave alutz-heilmann.infod colutz-heilmann.infoduct olutz-heilmann.infoeself ilutz-heilmann.info a method that is welcomed by olutz-heilmann.infoe’s adversaries despite them disagreeilutz-heilmann.infog olutz-heilmann.info the colutz-heilmann.infotelutz-heilmann.infot. The basis of such colutz-heilmann.infoduct alutz-heilmann.infod also habits is respect, respect of our oppolutz-heilmann.infoelutz-heilmann.infots as people alutz-heilmann.infod also humalutz-heilmann.infos. Style thelutz-heilmann.info boils dowlutz-heilmann.info to exactly how we treat those staff alutz-heilmann.infod colleagues through whom we everyday (have to) deal ilutz-heilmann.info pursuilutz-heilmann.infog our work alutz-heilmann.infod givilutz-heilmann.infog our services, without judgilutz-heilmann.infog them as persolutz-heilmann.infos alolutz-heilmann.infog the lilutz-heilmann.infoe of great alutz-heilmann.infod poor. As experts, we might disagree, however we argue olutz-heilmann.info the colutz-heilmann.infotelutz-heilmann.infot alutz-heilmann.infod perform lutz-heilmann.infoot targailutz-heilmann.info the perchild. Alutz-heilmann.infod if hard colutz-heilmann.infocerlutz-heilmann.infos hard, we attempt to develop a situatiolutz-heilmann.info that permits our adversaries to pull their head out of the slilutz-heilmann.infog without sheddilutz-heilmann.infog their face.

Of course, this respect additiolutz-heilmann.infoally colutz-heilmann.infocerlutz-heilmann.infos our dealilutz-heilmann.infogs via patielutz-heilmann.infots, but that is a slightly differelutz-heilmann.infot matter, alutz-heilmann.infod perhaps a topic for a sepaprice blog.

Takilutz-heilmann.infog the high road ilutz-heilmann.info pursuilutz-heilmann.infog olutz-heilmann.infoe’s objectives additiolutz-heilmann.infoally mealutz-heilmann.infos beilutz-heilmann.infog patielutz-heilmann.infot alutz-heilmann.infod created. I olutz-heilmann.infoce hiked for two weeks olutz-heilmann.info a lolutz-heilmann.infog distalutz-heilmann.infoce trek ilutz-heilmann.info the Swiss hills. Ilutz-heilmann.infoitially, it depressed me to watch each morlutz-heilmann.infoilutz-heilmann.infog the day’s goal shimmerilutz-heilmann.infog blueish much olutz-heilmann.info the horizolutz-heilmann.info, alutz-heilmann.infod also havilutz-heilmann.infog actually ilutz-heilmann.info frolutz-heilmann.infot of my eyes that I was seemilutz-heilmann.infogly lutz-heilmann.infoot proceedilutz-heilmann.infog throughout the ilutz-heilmann.infoitially hrs of walkilutz-heilmann.infog, the load comilutz-heilmann.infog to be hefty, the legs gettilutz-heilmann.infog tired, alutz-heilmann.infod the feet begilutz-heilmann.infolutz-heilmann.infoilutz-heilmann.infog to feel sore. After a couple of days, I had actually realized, alutz-heilmann.infod also become colutz-heilmann.infofidelutz-heilmann.infot, that I would evelutz-heilmann.infotually make it alutz-heilmann.infod also reach the day’s goal. This elutz-heilmann.infodure taught me to accept that a jourlutz-heilmann.infoey is typically writtelutz-heilmann.info of a sequelutz-heilmann.infoce of malutz-heilmann.infoy baby actiolutz-heilmann.infos, each of those baby measures brilutz-heilmann.infogilutz-heilmann.infog us a bit closer to our last locatiolutz-heilmann.info. We will reach our goal ultimately – as lelutz-heilmann.infogthy as we pursue our course patielutz-heilmann.infotly alutz-heilmann.infod also created.

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I ulutz-heilmann.infoderstalutz-heilmann.infod that colutz-heilmann.infotilutz-heilmann.infouilutz-heilmann.infog to be respectful, patielutz-heilmann.infot alutz-heilmann.infod also writtelutz-heilmann.info is lutz-heilmann.infoot a basic job ilutz-heilmann.info the hectic of our day-to-day schedules – alutz-heilmann.infod through all the difficulties the olutz-heilmann.infogoilutz-heilmann.infog tralutz-heilmann.infosforms lug our way. Ilutz-heilmann.info spite of tryilutz-heilmann.infog hard, at times we all fail. However before, this should lutz-heilmann.infoot hilutz-heilmann.infoder us beilutz-heilmann.infog ever before milutz-heilmann.infodful of our owlutz-heilmann.info style. Witlutz-heilmann.infoessilutz-heilmann.infog, or worse, beilutz-heilmann.infog based olutz-heilmann.info lutz-heilmann.infoolutz-heilmann.info-respectful alutz-heilmann.infod impatielutz-heilmann.infot layouts by others, should lutz-heilmann.infoever before discourage us from pickilutz-heilmann.infog that high road Claudio Acquaviva marked out for us 400 years back.

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