Person Trafficking

Working in cooperation via various other regulation enforcement agencies, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Human Trafficking Unit is committed to rescuing victims of humale trafficking and also conducting investigations that cause the prosecution of human traffickers.

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Detention Bureau

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards sets rules and also procedures, establishes minimum standards for the construction, maintenance, and also procedure of county jails. The Tarrant County Detention Bureau has actually passed this certification annually because 1995.

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Operations Bureau

The Operations Bureau consists of 5 major divisions. You are urged to contact any of the departments aid you via inquiries concerning our operations.

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Deputy Opportunities


*Must be certified

Texas Peace Officer to apply

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Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn took office in 2017, bringing via him over 30 years of law enforcement endure. With Each Other through the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, his mission is to PROTECT by courageously standing in between evil and good with honor, while striving to SERVE through respect, always putting others prior to self. Sheriff Waybourn and also TCSO strongly believe in servant leadership and also always aims to put others before self. To do that, TCSO maintains 5 Core Values, which we refer to as HELOS.

H- Honorable Character: Doing what is right, even as soon as nobody is lookingE- Empowerment: Everypoint begins with shared trust and also respectL- Lead: We all have to lead and also serve with competency, consistency and transparencyO- Our Team is Our PriorityS- Strive for Excellence: We must strive for excellence, honor and integrity in everything we do