For the fundamental eoq version, which of the adhering to relationships is not true? o the optimal variety of orders per year equates to annual demand separated by the eoq o the reorder suggest equals daily demand multiplied by the lead-time in days, excluding safety stock. average inventory level equates to one- halfthe order size. o the average dollar level of inventory equates to unit price multiplied by order amount. at eoo. yearly ordering cost equals yearly caring cost tion completion status: relocating to another question will save this response. stion 6 the "allude at which to reorder" counts directly on which of the following? ο eoq ordering price o lead-time storage prices unit purchasing expense relocating to an additional question will certainly conserve this response.

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Systems :

= k.n (expense proportional to quantity)

35000 = k . 700

k =


= 50

So = 50 n


(cost proportional to square of n)

3430 = 490000 P










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Given the adhering to indevelopment, identify the activity price for setups. Activity Pool Activity Base Budgeted Amount Setups 9,600

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