A prayer for Thanksgiving that can be sung about the dinner table - a pretty grace in the create of a round can be your family members Thanksproviding prayer!  

Several tricks for voice or various other instrument, and at the bottom of the web page, GUITAR TABLATURE.  All free!


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As a THEORY exercise, I was able to make excellent usage of this little bit prayer for Thanksoffering through my voice students a few weeks earlier.  

Admittedly, what we did was quite basic, even "fudging" the tones a tiny little bit... we moved amethod from the piano (a CRUTCH for many type of singers) and also checked out the white board, wbelow we attracted staffs and also notes and also remained tbelow to SING. 

First we drew the incredibly initially note of the song on our staffs, then we counted as much as the next note, a couple of different ways.  

I sang, "Space, line, room, line, space, line, space, line." Eight words - that"s an octave!

Then I counted by NUMBER. "One, two, three, 4, 5, six, seven, eight."  

I confess that I sang the notes as if they were a significant scale  (Do, re, mi etc.) even though the notes AREN"T a significant scale.  They"re simply... ALMOST... a major scale.  Cshed enough!

Having counted from one to eight, we sang together the first interval - "For HEALTH...  For HEALTH..."  a couple of times, then proceeded to "guess" our means via the remainder of the phrase.  

That lassist the groundwork for a discussion of the crucial signature, of the tonal facility, of the distinction between a C and a C# and F and F#  (we were singing in the vital of G) and also exactly how one might TELL which it was.  

Counting aloud together was a part of this exercise.

As straightforward as this bit activity was, it included incrementally to the confidence my voice students have in their capacity to sightread and understand the music they are taking care of.

If you have actually a guitar player that wants to acquire into the act, all they require in the way of chords is the I & V chord of whatever key the song is being sung in.  

Key of A, the I & V are A & E (or E7, also better).  

Key of Bb, usage the Bb & F (F7) chords.

Key of D, the I & V are D & A (A7).

Key of F, the I & V are F & C (C7).

Key of G, the I & V are G & D (D7).

Because the chord changes are just ONE BEAT (beat 4 of eincredibly measure), you can certainly acquire by without altering the chords, but it does add a nice punctuation.

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For guitar tab readers, below is an arrangement in the crucial of D through the melody as tablature, with chord symbols:


A fancier version of this music is easily accessible as a PDF download (also free!) at www.marjensenmusic.com.