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“How much gold is in my body and also have the right to I recycle it?”

According to the finest approximates we have actually been able to uncover, around 0.00000005% of the average huguy body is made up of gold. That means that if you weigh 200 pounds, your body has much less than one ten-thousandth of one pound of gold. So if you are reasoning of recycling yourself, you aren’t going to make a lot money. And contrary to some myths, gold does not become focused in your toenails, hair, or freckles. Tright here just isn’t that much of it inside you. The exception is that if your dental occupational includes gold fillings, gold bars, or gold wire, they are literally worth their weight in gold.

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“Is it true that Cleopatra ate gold?”

People probably ask this question bereason they remember the layers of gold leaf that were used to the wood coffins of some ancient Egyptian rulers. But tright here appears to be no evidence that primitive Egyptians royals actually ate gold.

What appears to be true, yet, is that Diane de Poitiers (1499-1566), the mianxiety of King Henry II of France, poisoned herself by drinking a potion day-to-day that consisted of gold, mercury, and also other metals. She believed it would certainly store her young. That could have been true, but apparently her gold cocktail killed her as soon as she was 66. Modern scientists have actually tested her hair and also found that it contains 500 times normal levels of gold and also mercury. So maybe she is the one human being who might have actually smelted herself.

Source: “French king’s mistress poisoned by gold elixir,” by Henry Samuel, The London Telegraph, December 22, 2009

“Didn’t an Austrian artist paint a solid-gold painting that is worth numerous dollars?”

This rumor has actually been about for a lengthy time. It is based on the appearance of a gold-encrusted portrait of a woman named Adele Bloch-Bauer that the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt painted in 1907. The paint is worth lots of money bereason of who the artist was, not bereason of its gold content. In fact, it only includes a gleaming surface made with very thin gold leaf. Incidentally, this paint is at the facility of the plot of a movie that has simply been released, “Woman in Gold.”

Source: “The Story Behind `Woman in Gold’: Nazi Art Thieves and One Painting’s Return” by Patricia Cohen, The New York Times, March 30, 2015

“Is gold constantly falling to Planet from outer space?”

The answer is, no it isn’t, so don’t run outside and also expect to catch any type of. Martians aren’t pelting us with it either. But prefer some other myths about gold, this concept has a possible basis in fact. Some researchers believe that a lot of our planet’s gold (and also some of its platinum) arrived right here in the time of a period of solid meteoric bombardment that happened about 200 million years after Planet was created. It would certainly be nice to think that gold is always falling roughly us, but that doesn’t seem to be the instance.

Source: “Did Earth’s Gold Come from Outer Space?” by Elizabeth Svoboda, Find Out, December 27, 2011

“Is a huge treacertain of Nazi-organized gold still waiting to be discovered?”

This legend doesn’t seem to desire to go away. And possibly it shouldn’t, bereason tbelow are credible reports that Nazis did hide large quantities of gold in lake Toplitz in Austria. Those suspicions are now being investigated.

Source: “Has Secret Nazi Treacertain Been Hidden in this Beautiful Lake for 70 Years?” by Owen Bennett, The Expush, March 28, 2014

“Isn’t there a museum of alchemy somewbelow in Europe?”

Yes, tbelow is one. It is the Museum of Alchemists and also Magicians of Old Prague, located in that city. It looks prefer a ton of fun.

Source: The museum’s website,

“Can dachshunds smell gold?” and “Can pigs smell gold?”

Yes, we have actually heard both those questions. Although it is true that various pets with keen noses have been use to uncover termites, drugs, truffles, prikid escapees, bombs, rodents and also more, there is no evidence that they deserve to sniff out gold.

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