These photographs by Drew Barryeven more reveal hearts discovered in day-to-day cases. "I have constantly loved hearts," writes acdeclared actress Drew Barryeven more in the foreword to this heartwarming gift book. "The means that constant line accomplishes the most extrasimple point — it conveys love." In Finding it in Everything, Barryeven more shares the photographs she has taken of heart-shaped objects and trends she has come across over the previous ten years. Some are obvious and also others badepend discernible. A discarded straw wrapper, a hole in a T-shirt, a scallion in a bowl of miso soup — seemingly everywhere she transforms her lens a heart reveals itself. A incredibly individual repertoire of images, many type of of them accompanied by brief captions that reflect on beauty in the daily, Finding it in Everything is a delightful book from the beloved actress and director, who now adds photographer to her list of credentials.

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Drew Barrymore has been a favorite of film audiences considering that her duty in the Stalso Spielberg blockbuster E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial in 1982. In the adhering to years she earned praise from both movie critics and also audiences for her performances in a large array of comedies and also dramas. She has actually come to be a major pressure not only in front of the video camera yet also behind the scenes, as a effective producer and also director under her very own Freduced Films banner, through such hits as Never before Been Kissed, Charlie"s Angels, 50 First Dates, He"s Just Not That Into You, and also Whip It. Outside of her film career, Barrymore presently serves as the Ambassador Against Hunger for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). In enhancement, she released the cosmetics line FLOWER Beauty and also the wine label Barryeven more Wines. Her photography has actually been exhibited at the International Center of Photography in New York and also has actually showed up in fashion campaigns.

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Actress Drew Barryeven more has constantly loved hearts and also "the method that continuous line accomplishes the most extrasimple thing—it conveys love." To honor that idea, she has actually taken photos of hearts and also heart-shaped patterns and also gathered them right into a sweetly personal arsenal, finish via brief appropriate captions.

"Barrymore"s photographs are upbeat, sincere, and also — require we say it? — heartfelt."—Detroit News and also Free Press

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"Barrymore"s photographs are upbeat, sincere, and also -- require we say it? -- heartfelt."