Genshin Impact has a calligraphy painting called the Witness Sigil which players need to find appearing naturally in the regions of Tevyat. Read on.

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Genshin Impact is accessible to play on PS4, iOS, Android, and PC. It lives up to the RPG nature of the game. Players have to make choices at each stage, and every choice has a different outcome. They aim for ideal outcomes but it can get quite tricky. It is also a very detailed game with lots to explore and collect. Players have been wondering where to find and see the Witness Sigil.

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Where to find a place where you can witness the whole Sigil?

The Genshin Impact Witness Sigil is a Calligraphy painting found inside the inn and has been in circulation for over 1000 years. Players have to go and observe the painting inside the inn and then attempt to find the same picture formation in the areas of Tevyat. This can be extremely tricky to find as it is a calligraphy painting and not a scenery that can be found on the map. Here’s the answer to the question -- Where to find a place where you can witness the whole sigil?

The painting itself can be found hung on the first floor of the Inn on the left side corner.After getting a good look at the painting the players should jump off the inn and head towards the wooden bridge below.Near the wooden bridge, there are two stones and a cut tree lined up.The stones and the cut tree have luminous marks on them.Players need to place themselves in an angle where all three things are in the frame.If the players look closely, the game has put a small yellow light on the spot where the player needs to standFrom that spot, the player needs to adjust the camera angle until all the three marks on the three things align and form the Witness Sigil.While adjusting the camera angle the markings will become brighter or dimmer according to how correct the alignment is, all 3 markings will align when they are at the brightest.Players might find an issue in aligning the marks during nighttime. They should attempt to complete this quest during sunlight to make it easier.After they have been aligned successfully, a spirit called Dusky Ming will appear and start runningFollow the translucent character and they will lead the player to a boss called the Ruin Hunter.Defeating the boss will complete the quest.

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