Dead ghosts are collectibles in Destiny 2. Nine of them were included in Shadowkeep, concealed across the Moon. Thing acquired complex further through the addition of Lost Ghost Traces, consumables that enable you to buy ghost quests from Eris Morn. You’ll need to buy these pursuits, because the ghosts only appear after you carry out. If you’re wondering how the whole thing functions and wright here to uncover the certain ghold fragments, keep analysis our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep dead gorganize locations overview.

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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Dead Ghold Locations – Lost Ghost Trace

How to get Lost Gorganize Trace?

Lost ghold traces are consumables which drop randomly from activities on the Moon. They just start dropping as soon as you’ve bconsumed the primary story. If you desire more, simply store existing on the Moon – open chests, kill high worth targets, carry out public occasions and such.


First Crota Team’s Fallen – World’s Grave

The Dead Gorganize in World’s Grave requires you to go deep into the bowels of the Moon. The best method to acquire there is with the Temple of Crota, as the name of the gorganize kinda implies. Once you gain there, you’ll need to uncover the correct side room. Check out our First Crota Team’s Fallen Dead Ghost Location in World’s Grave guide for a in-depth explacountry.

Greatest Sacrifice – Gatehouse

The Greatest Sacrifice Dead Gorganize will certainly be waiting for you in The Gatehome location. you can obtain tbelow by adhering to the tunnel that you can enter in the north of Hellmouth. When you reach The Gatehouse, in the big circular room, look to where the natural light is putting with to uncover the ghost. Or, head over to our Greatest Sacrifice Dead Ghold Location – Gateresidence overview, if you need better assist.

Adonna’s Quest – Shrine of Oryx

The Shrine of Oryx, wright here the Adonna’s Quest dead ghost awaits, can be accessed through a cave entrance in Archer’s Line. Making your way through the cave, through the Hevery one of Wisdom, you’ll come throughout the Shrine of Oryx. There, you’ll uncover the dead ghost in the base of a crown-like structure. Our Adonna’s Quest Dead Ghost Shrine of Oryx Location overview will certainly explain in detail the road you should take.

Dark Dreams – Lunar Battlegrounds

The Dark Dreams Dead Gorganize is relatively straightforward to uncover. It’s in the Lunar Battlegrounds, past the long red bridge, between the two buildings over the hill. You have the right to uncover it alongside a tiny module and also big cylinder. We’ve written a overview referred to as Dark Dreams Dead Ghost Lunar Battlegrounds Location if you need even more assist.

Together Forever – Circle of Bones

To uncover the Together Forever Dead Ghold, you’ll again need to check out the depths of the Moon. Follow the exact same road that led you to the Greatest Sacrifice dead gorganize, yet go through the room and onward. When you reach the Circle of Bones, go into the main room and uncover the ghold next to among the tanks. You can find a detailed guide in our Together Forever Dead Gorganize Circle of Bones Location write-up.

True Believer before – Summoning Pits

As you deserve to review in our True Believer before Dead Ghold Location – Summoning Pits guide, you have the right to acquire to the Summoning Pits via the Circle of Bones, as defined above. Just follow the terrace to the left, open up the metal door, and there you are. Hop onto the ledge to the ideal, and there’s the ghost, among some rubble.

Misput Trust – Hellmouth

Lastly, we have the Misput Trust Dead Gorganize, hiding in Hellmouth. This one is reasonably straightforward. Get in the hole in the lengthy building in Hellmouth, as you have actually many type of times before. When you come across the terrace downstairs, hop over, and there’s the ghold dvery own listed below. Our Misinserted Trust Dead Ghost Location – Hellmouth overview will point you specifically wright here you need to go.

We’re going to store playing the game, and we’ll upday the guide through new locations as we find them, impeded just by the slow drop price of Lost Gorganize Traces. If you’ve found any type of of the dead gorganize pieces that we’re absent below, feel totally free to leave a comment and let us understand.

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