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Before Pinterest and Instagram brought us #catalyst on the reg, there was Yoda, the OG well-being guru. The Jedi Master has actually a knack for saying short, snappy points that cut ideal to the core of a significant life lesson. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or not, his words can teach us a thing or 2 about accepting failure, believing in ourselves, taking action, and so much even more.

Here, we rounded up 8 of our favorite words of wisdom from Yoda, the well-being guru from a galaxy much, far ameans.


1. "Do or carry out not. Tright here is no try."

This quote is a straightforward lesboy in commitment and also the power in offering something our all—not just offering it a shot.

2. "You must unlearn what you have actually learned."

As creatures of halittle bit, we tend to love our routines and also our go-to methods. But sometimes, we have to shake up our process—and even unlearn our process—to succeed.

3. "Named should be your fear prior to banish it you deserve to."

When we call out our fears straight, they become much less of an ominous force and a challenge we have the right to tackle head-on.

4. "Fear is the course to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

Indulging our fears (whether through our thoughts or actions) gives them power to host us back. And Yoda points out exactly how our fears have the right to influence those around us, too.

6. "That is why you fail."

When Luke claims he doesn't think in the power of the force, Yoda serves up this item of wisdom. We need to think in ourselves—and also our abilities—in order to persevere and also succeed. Without belief, we deserve to just go so much.

7. "The best teacher, failure is."

We learn from our mistakes—plain and also simple.

8. "Pass on what you have learned."

The wisdom we gain in life is a gift to pass along—not to keep to ourselves. Make favor Yoda and share your insights through others.


Want more wisdom from Yoda? Check out the book Be More Yoda.

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