When Augustus takes out a cigarette after support team and also puts it in his mouth, Hazel is mortified by the assumed of a cancer survivor proactively partaking in an activity that is recognized to cause cancer. But Augustus’ defines the cigarettes are a metaphor—he continues to be in close contact via the carcinogenic cigarettes, however never before lights them, sindicate maintaining them between his teeth. The capability to save the cigarette in his mouth, but never light it stands as an act of manage. Metaphorically, the cigarettes end up being a way through which Augustus gains a feeling of control over his cancer. The cigarettes, yet, end up being a source of manage for more than simply Augustus’ cancer, as he offers them in different cases to feel regulate in light of a number of various fears. The presence of cigarettes diminishes as Augustus loses regulate over his cancer and slips towards his fatality at the finish of the novel. When Hazel finds Augustus at the gas terminal shortly prior to his passing attempting to buy cigarettes, he has lost control over his body bereason of his cancer—he no much longer walks on his own, he is incontinent, and he has vomited on himself. His problem in conjunction through his attempt to buy cigarettes and inevitably failing argues that he has finally succumb to his cancer, and tbelow is no even more managing the outcome of his life.

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"My students can"t acquire sufficient of your charts and also their outcomes have actually gone via the roof." -Graham S.

The timeline below mirrors where the symbol Augustus’ Cigarettes shows up in The Fault in Our Stars. The colored dots and symbols indicate which themes are connected via that appearance.




Just then, Augustus pulls out a cigarette and locations it in his mouth. Hazel is taken aback by the cigarette and also angrily...(complete context)
...technique their location, Hazel thinks of the cemetery dvery own the road. Augustus pulls out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. Augustus cryptically asks what they are absent in Indianapolis....(complete context)
Hazel asks Augustus about Caroline Mathers. Augustus puts a cigarette in his mouth and tells her he met her at the hospital in the time of treatment. He...(complete context)
...earlier to the hotel room, Augustus takes a seat in a chair and also puts a cigarette in his mouth. He reveals to Hazel that just before they left he had a...(complete context)
...He is no longer muscular and also gorgeous, however he still smiles and smokes his unlit cigarettes, and also his eyes are still alive.(complete context)
...to speak to for assist. Augustus tells her that he wanted to buy a load of cigarettes because he lost his load. He states he wanted to buy an additional pack on his...(full context)
...a negative guy, it simply desires to be alive. She assures to get him his cigarettes. He asks her to review him something, so she recites William Carlos William’s Red Wheelbarrowhead....

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(full context)
...he deserve to hear her. She opens her clutch purse and also pulls out a pack of cigarettes. She then slips them right into the coffin. She whispers to his body that he can...(complete context)