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Open abuse of fat human being is our last accepted prejudice. As the number of obese Americans climbs to frightening levels, the pursuit for answers is becoming even even more urgent. Obesity specialists have actually a sobering awareness of the facility humale puzzle that is driving this epidemic and producing so a lot individual pain. This regime gives viewers a home window right into the intense huguy dramas of those labeled obese and the difficulty of addressing weight difficulties.
"This is a solid mix of personal narrative, contemporary scientific research and social commentary. Recommended" - Video Librarian

Obesity: Why Are We Getting So Fat?

Person Relations Media600342

Huge portion sizes, fat-filled diets, as well a lot TV/video games and also not enough exercise are prevalent...


Making Healthy Choices: Fighting Teen Obesity

Human being Relations Media600595

An astounding one in 3 adults and one in six children in the USA are categorized as...


Nutrition & Obesity: Health News & Interviews

Films Media Group393321

This repertoire of 16 video clips takes a close look at nutrition and also obesity. Topics variety from...


Dangers of Sugar and Salt

Person Relations Media600624

This entertaining and also informative regimen gets teens to think around how a lot sugar and salt they...


Fat Like Me: How to Victory the Weight War

Films Media Group394275

In this ABC News unique - produced in conjunction via Rodale Inc., publisher of Prevention and also...

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