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Found one around middle-south. Clean eliminated it after 5 arrows. Then a random tiger popped up and killed me. Didn"t save the badger skin either. =<

I discovered all mine randomly riding about in truck or 4 wheeler or elephant they would certainly pop up near edge of road. I was able to get my last one once team of NPC were shooting at one and also eliminated it so I quit to skin it


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If you"re having actually trouble finding them, tbelow is a side mission in Tirtha (499,366) wbelow a man ask you to kill all the honey badgers in the area cause they killed his wife



There are approximately 10+.


Wait simply noticed they don"t count


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Yes these are little bit bastards!!


When you find them if you would certainly so kindly on my befifty percent damage as many type of as possible I would be grateful!


They are stronger than anything else in the game!