Family Guy Seaboy 16 Episode 2 Review: Foxx in the Men House

I wasn"t especially fond of this episode of Family Guy. The laughs were far and also few between, and also it was a bit of a disappointment after such a strong seachild opener.

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Peter discovers women"s bathrooms are nicer than men"s when he"s at a Japanese restaurant via the family. Any man would certainly discover women"s toilets amazing because some of them are pretty darn nice.

The one he goes right into has candles and flowers and also most likely smells better than any other bathroom he"s gotten in. Peter is fascinated by this and decides to go on a women"s bathroom tour trying out different commodes in the mall and elsewhere. 

When he hits his head on the sink of one bathroom after sitting on the toilet too long, he wakes up to find himself being treated by an extremely cool and handsome paramedic named Stryker Foxx.

Foxx doesn"t ask any kind of questions around why Peter remained in the women"s bathroom; he just offers him chicken fingers and margaritas. So we gain Peter who sits on the toilet to binge watch a show with an additional male bringing food right into the bathroom.

Nice or not, it"s still a bathroom, and that"s the entirety point. Men execute weird things in the bathroom, and also I"ll never understand why they choose to sit in tright here so long reading, watching TV, or doing whatever before they carry out. 

For Peter, it is more than likely prefer a vacation.


Peter and also Stryker hit it off nearly instantly, and that"s when Peter decides that Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe are simply not cool enough for him. Peter is always trying to be something he"s not.

He"s never before happy via that he is or what he"s gained. It"s a shame because as dysfunctional as every little thing is in the Griffin family members, Peter is a pretty lucky male.

He"s acquired great friends also, that also in his dream state decide to foroffer him for being such an idiot. And that"s what true friends carry out, right? They"ll foroffer all your idiocies because they love you for that you are.

One of the funniest components of this totality episode is once Peter wears the wingsuit off the cliff, and also Quagmire asks why he is wearing a douche suit. It claims so a lot in so few words.

I suppose who the hell goes wingsuiting anyway? I guess human being that want to finish up looking like bowls of tomato soup. The grilled cheese joke is gross however funny in a method only Family Guy can pull off. 


Other moments that elicit smiles, like Peter obtaining slopped by his very own vomit on the one loop roller coaster and Meryl Streep acquiring an Osvehicle for the "Stay Out of My Crapper" little bit, however most everything else is forgettable, a lot choose the Stewie pedophile joke.

Why would anyone discover any type of humor in somepoint favor that? I"m not being prudish, people, I just don"t check out anypoint funny around it.

Althe majority of every little thing related to Stewie renders me laugh (prefer texting Lois about hamburgers and meatballs), but the pedophile joke is unimportant.

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Is the Kathleen Turner joke intended a referral to her incredible weight obtain (the reason she"s stealing people"s stromboli"s) or am I analysis too a lot into that? Either method, it isn"t funny, just stupid as sometimes Family Guy can be.

And is the NBA cutamethod recycled? I seem to recontact seeing that one prior to. What is that about? 

Oh, and also the George Clooney bit; loved it! If Clooney is the second worst Batman, who is the first? I know that my vote would be. How about you guys?

It"s bothersome that sometimes Family Guy is so inconsistent. It"s not that I intend to laugh for a whole 20 minutes, yet at leastern make it worthwhile.