Perk: Frifinish of the Night

» Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:09 am

I took this perk on a lark, expecting a subdued Cateyes result. But no. There wasn"t a lot of a distinction in between darkness through the perk and also darkness without. Has anyone else take this perk? What sort of results have you gotten?A humble repursuit to the dev team for the next patch: offer Frifinish of the Night some more love.

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» Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:55 pm

I"ve been using it as soon as it functions it functions great but......It"s bugged it just works at night time whether inside or out fairly than at any time relying on light levels as in the discription.If you"re in a well lit area it frequently lowers it.So my idea would certainly simply take it for duty, and also wait roughly untill night time to use it properly.
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Since the perk"s description reads: "Your eye adapt conveniently to low-light conditions" I assumed I"d check out a positive result in subterranean locations. No considerable distinction in light levels. I haven"t used it exterior yet, but it appears a bit of a waste of a perk slot at this allude.I do not take into consideration myself a power-develop player, but if I obtain a perk, it should make some sort of a distinction.
To be hocolony I didn"t check out a require for it at all in the vanilla game. Nights are currently pretty bappropriate. Now, usage the http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34888 mod through the modified Friend of the Night perk and you"ve got somepoint advantageous. The darker nights make every little thing look a lot cooler anymeans.

Pipboy light is all I"ve ever needed to find loot in dark corners. The remainder is bideal enough...and if not, I raise the brightness slider. But yeah, I tried that Perk at an early stage. Didn"t make a lot difference/didn"t like its effect so I reloaded and also haven"t touched it because.

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It"s likewise based upon light levels in the caves, you will view no difference in locations via no to little bit light.Areas with some light or fauna that sheds a little light will certainly yet show some result, it"s also much better than cateye imo.More a natural feel to it, of course this is just at night inside or out.
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