I have read via this associated question about earning money with settlements - I have assigned a settler to each one of my shops yet it doesn"t look as though they"re actually functioning at those shops.

Am I doing somepoint wrong? I"m not seeing the benefits of these shops. Is it just caps that you receive or do you also get armor at the armor shop, weapons at the tools shop, etc.?



Assigning Settlers to ShopsThe process for assigning settlers to shops is the very same as assigning them to plants or a bed. If you have actually assigned people to shops and also they don"t stand also at the shop, inspect the following:

Is it daytime? Settlers just work at the shop in the time of the day.Is tbelow room behind the counter and a clear course to behind the counter? The settlers should be able to walk to the counter.

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To check out if the shop has actually someone assigned, highlight it in construct mode:


If the "REQUIRES" toolpointer has actually a snapshot of a red perchild, it doesn"t have actually someone assigned. Once you assign someone, the red silhouette will turn green.

Shop Benefits

Purchasing Stuff

Each form of that shop will certainly stock items you can buy of that form. So, if you build them all, you"ll have actually a seller in your negotiation wbelow you deserve to buy:

weaponsarmorclothes (the stuff you can wear under protective armor)junk (from the basic store)food & drink (from the bar)chems & healing items (clinic)


At the clinic, you can heal HP, remove RADs, or cure a chem addiction.

Collecting Taxes

Eincredibly day, you view a tiny amount of caps transferred to your workshop. These caps recurrent your cut of the sales for that shop. Think of it as a taxes for that shop to have the ability to operate in your settlement. The amount boosts as your variety of shops and inhabitants rises.

Selling Stuff

You deserve to market items you discover on your travels to the merchants in your negotiation for caps. In addition, if you take 3 points in the Cap Collector perk, you will certainly have the ability to invest 500 caps in each shop. This has actually the result of boosting the amount of caps they begin through after their inventory resets by 500 caps, which means you can sell even more stuff to them per recollection.

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A rather renowned money-making plan in the game is to have actually a settlement overdevelop water. Then, you deserve to collect the purified water that gets deposited in your negotiation each day and also sell it to the merchants of your shops for 11 caps aitem. Jet is likewise a popular item to make and market to shops, although it"s a little even more difficult as you need to collect plastic and fertilizer to make it.