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Reviews forEstée Lauder Fresh Air Makeup Base Newport Beige

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Easy to Apply-just how basic to apply did you uncover this product?
applies itselftough to make it work
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Long-Wearing-exactly how long-wearing is this product?
continues to be all daydisshows up quickly
Colour-did this product work for your skin tone?
worked for my skin tonedid not work
Natural Looking-just how herbal looking is this product
me only betterme as a clown
Blendability-how blendable is this product?
blends easilydifficult to blend
Buildable-just how buildable(capacity to develop up more color) is this product?
builds easilytough to build
Cakey-ness-just how caessential is this product?
the cake is a liepound cake
Value-how would you rate the worth of this product overall?

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as an example, one rating criteria for foundation is formula thickness. formula thickness ranges from thin to thick. Thin can be a wanted high quality for you, while thick can be wanted for someone else. there isn’t a appropriate answer, only your opinion.

an included advantage to the scales is easily seeing how a product might perdevelop. you can determine that a product is rated very for formula thickness without analysis many text. quickly compare and also evaluate similar products based on the same criteria. apples to apples, if you will certainly.

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