Since my cousin determined to schedule his wedding for 30 minutes before kickoff on Saturday, I"m many most likely going to have to rely on my phone if I want to watch the game live.

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When I saw double examine the WatchESPN application after not having actually factor to usage it for around 8 months, I learned that it had actually been killed off, as ESPN puburned whatever over to their major app. After a few fumbling tries to obtain my cable provider set up, I found my way to the schedule of streaming events. But everytime I try to stream video, I obtain an error message: "tright here was an error that prevented this video from playing". I"ve gotten that error while on wifi and also data.

Anyone have any kind of ideas on how to make that error go away?


Digging this thcheck out back up because I"ve been having actually this worry recently, and I"m stuck in a pumpkin spice everything day expedition with my girls, please help me.

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bluehokie2006 | 2 years 3 months # ^

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