UPDATED: Ericka Lee claims she has the text messeras to prove that the rapper acknowledged her significant contribution. Drake"s side responds.

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Last year, hip-hop superstar Drake released a song, “Marvin’s Room,” that conveniently went viral and prompted miscellaneous remixes by fellow artists intrigued by the depiction of a young woguy on a phone speak to as the rapper drunkenly croons, “You could execute better.”

Now, Ericka Lee, revealing herself to be Drake’s ex-girlfrifinish, has actually stepped up, saying she was the voice on the other finish of the phone contact. The woman is now suing Drakefor excluding her from sharing co-writer royalties on one of his biggest current hits.

Lee filed the lawsuit on Thursday in California federal court claiming the two had a romantic and organization partnership in between early 2010 and mid-2011. During the relationship, the 2 are said to have traded poems and also song lyrics and discussed joint artistic tasks.

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Last year, Drake allegedly agreed to work with Lee on “Marvin’s Room” and split the proceeds. Lee claims she was asked to record the song’s “hook” and also the opening monologue that would certainly serve as the thematic frame for a song about Drake’s yearning for an ex-girlfriend and exactly how his fame interfered with his love life. “Plaintiff’s contribution is very substantial to the as a whole job-related,” states the complaint.

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Drake supposedly recognized Lee’s contributions in text messperiods sent to her. One check out, “U basically made that song.” Another check out, “It’s s–t without you.”

Lee reports that after the song was released, their connection ended and also obtained ugly quick. The 2 disputed meeting in Los Angeles, yet it never happened. According to the complaint, Drake later sent a text message to Lee that offered her 2 percent of “publishing royalties.”

By November, Lee hired a lawyer, which allegedly led to Drake to make threatening phone calls. “What the f— is your problem?” he sassist to her, according to the complaint, then providing her “4-5%” of publishing monies plus a $50,000 payout to go amethod.

Instead, Lee has actually filed a lawsuit over “Marvin’s Room,” which has been perceived even more than 39 million times on YouTube. She needs a judge declare her as co-writer of the song. She’s additionally seeking dameras and also disgorgement of earnings on allegations of breach of fiduciary duties and also unjust enrichment. Lee is represented by Neville Johnson, that formerly filed a lawsuit versus Drake on befifty percent of Playboy Enterprises for sampling an unauthorized sound recording it owned on “Best I Ever Had.”

Drake’s reps provided us this comment:

“This case is completely without merit and also our client has not engaged in any kind of wrongful conduct. Ericka Lee consented to the usage of her voice in the song ‘Marvin’s Room’ before its release. Lee asked only for the crmodify she received as ‘Syren Lyric Muse,’ and also she did not ask for any type of compensation. It was only after she kept a lawyer that tbelow was a demand for payment. Drake tried for months to settle the issue amicably, and he currently looks forward to being vsuggested in court.”