The granary area is in the south portion of the map, to the east of Harran Dam. Be certain to bring an equipment gun through you considering that you will certainly require it. The front gate on the northeast side of the granary is open up and tright here is a gate open up on the southwest side as well.

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The Countryside – Harran Lighthouse

O Get to the lighthouse

The lighthouse is to the northeast of your present location. Drive earlier throughout the bridge to the northeast and continue to be alengthy the road to the north of it and also you"ll eventually reach a road that will take you to the bridge that leads to the lighthouse. Drive up the road to the lighthome and also you"ll automatically unlock a brand-new safe zone in the guest home at the optimal of the road.


The route to the left of the guest residence leads to the lighthouse. There is a white automobile behind the lightresidence. It has actually some rifle ammo under it – keep this in mind for later on or grab it appropriate currently if you"re running low. The front door of the lightresidence is locked. Jump and also grab the narrow platcreate over the door then climb up. Fall onto the inside stairs via the open home window up above. Go up the stairs and Crane will certainly reach a locked gate door. Thankcompletely, the home window to the appropriate will certainly be open, so climb via it then step exterior and turn roughly then look up and also grab the narrow ledge over the window – you can not really see it while exterior the window, but tright here is one tbelow. Shimmy to the left then climb as much as and over the following window. Shimmy to the left once again then climb previous the following home window and then perform so aacquire and Crane will pull as much as an open up window. Fall onto the stairs inside. Once you open the red door at the peak of the lighthome, you will certainly activate the last part of the game from which you can"t rerotate till you beat the game.



The game will certainly warn you that you are around to enter the last part of the game as soon as you try to open up the red door at the peak of the lighthome. If you want to check out anymore right now then do not open up it simply yet. Once you have completed the game, you will certainly be floor to explore whatever when aacquire. One point to definitely keep in mind is that this game has multiple endings, and you are at the allude wbelow freedom is lost once you open up the door. If it is possible, I recommfinish making a back-up of your save at this component so you can check out all the different endings that the game hregarding market without the must start all the means over.

The Countryside – Harran Lightresidence Courtyard

A cutscene will certainly cause when the door is opened. You"ll start out listed below the lighthouse after the cutscene. Bandits will certainly be trying to find Crane at this time. It does not really matter if you remain out of sight or not considering that they will certainly likely view you either method. Search under the white auto if you need a maker gun or rifle ammo because it will certainly assist for this component.

Story Progression Achievement/Trophy
Players will obtain the "And You Liked Him, Didn"t You" achievement/trophy shortly after the cutscene that takes location at the height of the lighthouse in the "At the End of the Tunnel" story pursuit.

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O Take the vialsO Defeat the bandits

Tright here are eight bandits (or somewbelow around that number) in the area, the initially three or so will certainly be close to the lighthome. The smoke approximately the location provides it hard to view, so use the lightresidence as cover and sneak around the back of it to the front and also kill them. Keep in mind that they will be focused on your position that you begin this battle in, so you have the right to kind of sneak up on them. The rest of them will certainly be dvery own the route that leads to the guest residence and dvery own the road from the guest residence. You have to kill them all to finish one objective. The vials are displayed in the pictures listed below. They feel type of surprise unless you usage survivor feeling. Facing the entrance to the lighthouse, they are close to the debris to the left. Grab all three of the vials in the box to finish the second objective. After grabbing the vials, the The Following story quest will start, so go to that web page to continue.