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Listen up, yo, shit I acquire upset if I view a nigga, layin in his sweatsWith blood comin out his head choose sweat, knowin I can be nextSo, what about all the babies that aint totally bornThat"s much less fortunate, prefer that man walkin through one armThey tried to throw me up in a orphanage, through all the kidsBut I continued to be up in the workplaces "cause they couldn"t acquire me, off a kidIt"s sad once an excellent mom put tough workLike wash clothing, off the shit we played on and also gained hurtWhy she gotta pay for the dirt"cause her just kid is up the street through the entirety block sour"reason you recognize bodies lay for "bout for eight hoursWanna talk around our chrome whipsThere"s niggas out tbelow do not very own shitWhile we sit at residence and bone a bitch while niggas is homelessSee niggas obtain piped over dice, wiped out, over 4 digit priceDamn close to broke my heart, made me so sick, I had actually to go shitFound her up the measures a bloody mess, hopelessIt wasn"t cops "cause just street niggas empty the whole clipYa know thisChorus 2X: Case and also Drag-OnPeople come, world go, that"s the means life is(and also I heard that)I do not recognize what to carry out, guess I"ll simply manage it(and also we heard that)Yo bulallows don"t have no nameOr probably y"all niggas need to get much better aimAnd stop puttin these innocent civilization in painIt"s a damn shame that life aint, nothin however a gameAnd we all at the 4th quarter, "reason our time is shorter and shorter"reason y"all obtained time to tap our phones and also hear the ordersAnd sheight the coke from comin throughout the watersBut y"all can"t stop the slaughtersOr the civilization from starvinThe guns is not standin still, they still revolvinUptight and also still mobbinBlacks still sling cracks and also recognize I know why they contact itFishscale, from Colombia to New York on a boat the shit sellsTell a weak whore, and also as soon as I scoreI"ma open up my door and also offer to the poorTil they tell me they do not even want no moreY"all keep raisin the rent, then tell us exactly how to raise our kidsAnd categorize us on, where we live favor by on broadwayIt"s all Dominicans and also blacks that"s packed in projects seriousAnd why y"all speak to it a project, are we an experiment?Chorus 2XYo, I wasn"t tryin to be a slaveOr encaged up with braidsI was saved by a man with a older age with gradesTold me the other ways to get phelp, than lettin my gun waveWe understand you brave, gain yo" shit tight and here"s a penIt"s much lighter, favor click click, that"s a gun soundBlau! That"s a round currently hit the groundThat"s what Drag learns "cause his pop"s ago was turnedNow contact the cops, what about that gat that just got punginOr that son that got it 41 times, you contact that justice?If it is, then what the fuck is thisSomethin I must have actually just missedMaybe Christmas and also get a nut off, we acquire our warm water cut offOff my Timbs I wipe the mud off, "reason I put the stomp in itPretty rivers, and lakes and also ponds, Drag was in a swamp in BronxWell fatality is wright here I coulda gone"cause where I"m from the bulallows longY"all view the news, yet why my block gang acquired no footage on"cause my life is prefer a movie, once you die, aint no comin ago shitSo if among y"all obtain swarm, nigga take care of itChorus 4X to fade