*THIS IS THE ONLY LEGIT GO FUND ME FOR JEREMI ROBERT"S EX-WIFE ON THE SHOW TODAY.* "Jeremi"s plea for a house."JEREMI"S STORY (posted at an early stage 2020 when show aired):I was a devoted wife and also mommy for 40 years. Years that we spent living exceptionally closely to save for our golden years, clipping coupons, and also budgeting more than the average perkid through our revenue so that we would have a nice Nest Egg once we reexhausted. However before, without my understanding, my now ex-husband also wasted ALL of our retirement Nest Egg (cshed to 1 million) on day trading, without informing me around the losses till it was all gone and also we were deep in credit card debt. Then he took up via Nigerian scams and also associated romance scams, and also I found myself newly-divorced, penniless, and also beginning over at cshed to 70 years old. I"m now in my seventies and through the grace of God, I have been able up till currently, to occupational 40 hours a week standing on my feet as a cashier trying to make ends accomplish. However before, when I have the right to no much longer work I carry out not understand exactly how I will certainly survive, as my social defense is a bare minimum. I am already having better and greater difficulty meeting my permanent schedule. Meanwhile, my ex continues to send hundreds of dollars to what he believes are young rich beautiful woguys that are going to marry him and also turn over a fortune to him. And he says he is doing it all for me! When Jill & I realized my ex was endangering himself by sleeping exterior to have actually even more money to send to these womales, we made a desperate initiative to wake him as much as what he was doing. We hoped that seeing the trends of the lies of the scammers who are taking his money all lined up together would certainly make him realize he requirements to adjust his habits.When it ended up being obvious that he was not going to listen or adjust at all, world suggested a lutz-heilmann.info. If I can buy a modest residence I could hope to make it through my last years without dealing with life on the highways. So right here is my plea. My ex-husband"s stubborn determicountry to proceed his irrational habits, merged via quickly climbing rents, greedy landlords and also increased regulations on qualifying for apartments are creating a case that will inevitably cause my having actually to, at an progressed age, rekind to living in my vehicle. Please aid me acquire a modest residence so that I can live out my last years with a roof over my head. For those that feel moved to contribute or help I am deeply humbled and also grateful and also I am blown amethod by the generosity of others. I say thanks to the Lord for this significant chance to tell my story and also hope that it will certainly adjust others" resides too.

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Note that I have modified my location to defend some extremely personal people. Sincecount, Jeremi