How much do you really know about memes? Sure, they can be all sorts of things and are definitely hard to define properly, but memes are becoming such a large part of the Internet culture that they can’t simply be ignored as “funny pictures and online.”. Like it or not, memes describe the state of the Internet users in the best way possible, by putting text over images, just like the Internet gods intended.

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You can find memes everywhere, from Reddit and Imgur to Instagram, but the new ME.ME site wants to get all of the best memes in one place, so you get your share of freshly squeezed memes as fast as possible.

It might seem weird to talk about memes this way, and even I am struggling to keep a straight face while writing this article, but bear with me. There’s really a lot of things to say. To start off, we might need to understand what a meme is, and that is probably the hardest thing of all. From simple image macros like Bad Luck Brian and Doge, to the classical art memes and all sorts of other types, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes a meme – a meme.

Diclaimer: I will also use this article to share some memes with you. 

Memes Are Insanely Popular

From my personal meme-browsing experience, for something to be a meme, it needs to be funny, and have the possibility to be modified by a large number of people. For example, the famous classical art memes that are extremely popular today are virtually endlessly creative, as you can make a meme from a painting in a number of ways, and there are a lot of paintings to choose from. This way memes stay fresh, original and interesting.

When it comes to the popularity of this Internet sensation, it’s important to see that memes are extremely popular with the people of all ages. Actually, there were more Google searches for the word memes than Jesus in 2016. This is pretty serious because Jesus was the most searched term since 2011. Sure, this doesn’t show us that there’s a new mass religion concentrated on memes taking the world by storm, but rather that this are some pretty impressive statistics that memes have achieved.


There are so many memes today that it’s really hard to keep track of when something is and isn’t a meme, and what does it even meme. I mean, what does it mean. That’s why there are sites like Know Your Meme, that serve as a sort of meme-related Wikipedia that helps people understand all of the memes that are trending at any given time, as well as to describe where they started and why.

Of course, there are some rather interesting things we can find out from memes. According to Quartz, memes can be described as a type of Internet genes, and there’s even a scientific way of telling which memes will go viral. This all goes to show that memes are actually the interpretation of life on the Internet. Because of the culture of sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, memes quickly take off and become known worldwide, but also fade out of existence with the same speed.


2017., A Year Of Dank Memes? 

The common idea is that people love to share content that is similar to the content they shared and enjoyed before, so that’s why all of my friends’ inboxes are constantly bombarded by memes that are relatively similar, but yet different. These memes live for a while and then fade into obscurity with relative ease, being replaced by new memes.

In 2017 we’ve already seen our share of dank (great, original) memes. From Italian parody memes to the Star Wars prequel memes, this year has given us some pretty great content. Most of the memes we’ve seen at the beginning of the year aren’t popular anymore, and are not considered dank and original anymore, but are replaced by newer memes on a daily basis. Of course, memes that aren’t fresh are still around, but don’t get shared that much as the ones that are popular at the time, and because memes live only as long as they are shared, falling out of favor with the viewers usually spells the end of a meme as we know it. That’s why nobody cares about Bad Luck Brian anymore (sorry, Brian.).


Me.ME Gets Memes Right, For A Change

Writing about memes is much harder than actually looking at memes, and that’s why ME.ME is a site for every meme lover out there. I’ve been using the site for my meme needs for a while now, and I can tell you that it’s pretty excellent. The site aggregates all sorts of memes for your enjoyment and divides them into categories, for easy lookup.

The categories range from:

Funny random memes,Sports memesMusic memesCelebrity memesVideo game memes and more

Once you’ve found the meme that you enjoy and want to share, simply select it and get to sharing. You can share your memes over Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and with every meme you look up, there will be suggested ones for you to see so you can get lost in the memes.

It’s a pretty spartan site in its idea, but it conveys the basic idea behind memes great: they need to be actual, funny and amusing, and that’s exactly what ME.ME does. This perhaps seems normal, but with a lot of users simply making bad memes, an honest meme enthusiast such as myself can really have a hard time to find what he wants to laugh at.

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So the next time you’re drinking your morning coffee, forget about the news about bad things. Simply load up ME.ME and laugh out loud to the wonders of the Internet. You’ll thank us later.