The artist and also activist that calls himself Dee Dee Plorable desires to obstacle President Trump to a dance-off.

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To that end, he’s developed a parody of the wildly well-known disco anthem “Y.M.C.A.” — substituting M.A.G.A., the acronym for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

The Trump campaign recently played the Village People’s 1978 hit at some of their project rallies, but currently Dee Dee Plorable, whose actual name is Francis Shivers, desires him to embrace — and groove to — his brand-new variation.

“The parody has actually gone super viral,” he told The Post, adding that more than 10 million human being have actually watched five videos he and also his team, The Amerideserve to People, have actually made reflecting Trump supporters dancing to the tune.

In one video, the Los Angeles-based artist has superimposed photos of other politicians, including Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and also Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, onto the bodies of the Village People in their original music video.

Shivers sassist he took his very own change ego — Dee Dee Plorable — from Hillary Clinton’s comment around Trump supporters being “a basket of deplorables” in the time of the 2016 project.

“It’s really struck a chord with people,” sassist Shivers, 55. “Some members of the Trump team retweeted the videos.”

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People performing the MAGA YMCA song
A video grab from the Trump YMCA parody.
Shivers declared the song was responsible for defutilizing a clash in between Babsence Lives Matter demonstrators and also Trump supporters in Los Angeles in August.

“When points started to look ugly, I told them members of my team to blast the music and also begin the song, and we tested everyone in the crowd to a dance off, and also it operated,” said Shivers. “The mood change was instant, and it carried world together. We turned a riot right into a dance party.”

The parody’s opening lyrics are “Young man, walk ameans from the hate. We’re all humale, and we don’t segregate.”

Dee Dee Plorable

The original song created by Victor Willis and Jacques Morali came to be a gay anthem and a wedding favorite. In March, the song was included to the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry, which honors songs that are “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.”

Willis, that is straight, sassist he has actually no problem with the song being adopted by the Trump project.

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“Lots of debate over
realDonaldTrump use of Y.M.C.A,” shelp Willis in a Sept. 20 tweet. “As I’ve shelp prior to,
realDonaldTrump use is perfectly legal so I won’t be suing the President. However before, I will sue the following newspaper that falsely case my lyrics are somehow about gay sex. It is not.”

Shivers told The Message that he recently reached out to Willis to share his parody. “He’s been pretty open around the use of the song, and he’s not partisan,” Shivers sassist.

In an interview with Bloomberg News last month, Willis sassist that if Trump continues to usage his song at his rallies “he need to at least do the ‘YMCA’ dance.”