Welp, it looks prefer you’ve been caught by Yuma and Pagan and also it’s approximately you to escape. After reobtaining regulate of Ajay, head right into the cell across from you and also review the note to learn around escaping using a grappling hook. The only difficulty is that you’re going to must assemble one, through there being 2 parts. There’s a ledge on the outside percent of your cell that leads to one more area.

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As you will watch best amethod, tright here is one of the demons from Shangri-La in the location and it will certainly hunt you down and also kill you, need to it see you. Once it starts relocating, crouch and relocate right ahead, turning left once you have the right to till you involved a room through two big braziers. There will certainly be an leave here that will certainly lead into a room through among the two pieces necessary for your grappling hook.


Your sole objective in the initially part of the mission is to gather the two pieces necessary to construct a grappling hook, so you can escape the prison.

Start running as shortly as you grab it, not the means you came in, as it’s likely the demon will begin chasing after you. When you obtain back to wbelow you began, you’ll be safe and a door will certainly open up for you, allowing you to access a brand-new location. This area is a little bit like a maze and also there’s an additional demon here, so be added mindful and also listen to your heartbeat to recognize when you’re cshed to it.

You’re trying to find a room via a male that’s hanging, which will be your rope for the grappling hook. As soon as you grab it, the demon will be coming after you, so obtain running earlier to your cell, wright here you’ll uncover a grapple suggest to go downwards. You’ll have to save utilizing the grapple to swing to ledges, and also gain onto other grapple points, until you acquire knocked down by the demon chasing you.

After reacquiring manage of Ajay, you’ll need to continue your escape, but there’s one slight problem. You have no tools, no electronic camera and also not also a knife on you, interpretation you’ll want to be extremely careful. Move down the slope till you spot an enemy (Heavy) and also a dog in the distance, stopping till they relocate out of the means.

If you go onto the top ledge, then you’ll be able to grab a throwing knife, and also a couple of more stuck into a body listed below. Slowly descfinish more until you see a normal opponent, so wait till he stops and kill him with the throwing knife. Take his weapon and also save moving dvery own till you see an enemy on a building, and one more Heavy.


You don’t have any kind of tools, including your melee one, so make sure you pick up the few throwing knives pictured to help protect yourself till you can find tools.

Because you don’t have a normal knife yet, you can’t do stealth kills, so leave the Heavy alone. Sneak your means over to the other enemy and also impale him through among your throwing knives, then climb up once feasible to disable the alarm. You must have the ability to sneak over to the various other alarm in the location and disable that one as well.

Ignore the Heavy and also head dvery own to the damaged tower, which if you review a note along the method, you’ll know that some tools are stored tbelow. There’s a sniper on optimal of the tower, and also two dogs, two more Heavies, 2 new alarms and various other men. As you’re dealing with north on your minimap, stick to the left side and kill the man roaming tright here prior to heading inside the tower.

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Stock up on the goodies and begin climbing and grappling your means to the top of the tower, wbelow you’ll uncover a sniper rifle and RPG. Luckily, opponents can’t climb up here, although they will shoot you, however you’ll be able to retreat temporarily to heal. Use your brand-new goodies to take out every one of the opponents, then you’ll be able to escape by means of the locked door. Keep moving forward till a cutscene starts, ending the mission.