The British expression "kickers in a twist" goes back in print at leastern to 1969 and describes women's (or girl's) underwear becoming twisted and also therefore uncomfortable and objectionable. Partridge's pointer that it was affected by the previously "get one's knitting twisted" is intriguing however difficult to show. Also interesting is Siefring's case that the at an early stage masculine counterpart to the expression was "acquire your Y-fronts in a twist. "Knickers in a knot" appears even earlier—in 1965—however seems to have actually lacked the staying power of the even more acquainted wording.

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On the other hand, in the USA, a really similar expression arised at cshed to the exact same time: "obtain (one's) panties in a bunch." Therefore, from Sam Shepard, Mad Dog Blues & Other Plays (1972):

WACO One a them tigres. I knew it. We're gonna die. We're all gonna die.MAE WEST Don't gain yer panties in a bunch*. It's just the call a the wild.*

The timing and the substantive similarity in between the British and U.S. expressions are so close that it appears unlikely that the two idioms emerged independently of one another. The British expression is much even more prevalent in the at an early stage 1970s, so it seems likelier to have actually been the original expression, transliterated by Americans as soon as they reverted home after being exposed to it in the UK.

Also interestingly, "knickers" seems to be pudepend of Amerihave the right to beginning (describes the NY Knicks in NBA)."Actually, it is totally American in its origins. The 19th C. Amerideserve to writer Washington Irving designed a character called "Diedwell-off Knickerbocker", that offered as the narrator of a humorous background of New York. Knickerbocker was supposedly the descendant of the original Dutch settlers of New York City (which of course was started as New Amsterdam), and also pelevated the 17th C. Dutch founders of the tvery own. Due to the fact that of the fame of this job-related, those members of the upper course of New York City who had actually Dutch family tree (Theordore and Franklin Roosevelt each being an example) are still recognized as "Knickerbockers", and also "Father Knickerbocker" is a symbol of New York City in the very same means that John Bull represents England also and also Uncle Sam for the United States.

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In addition, because of their resemblance to the knee breeches worn by the Dutch in the 1600s, brief troindividuals gathered at the knee (such as were worn by adult golfers or by young boys up until roughly 1940) are well-known in the USA as "knickerbockers", or "knickers" for brief. The British use of "knickers" to mean short pants worn by women -- which of course would certainly have actually been underpants in the days once women wore dresses -- is obviously adopted from the Amerideserve to use of the word for a male, and also not female, garment. In the US, the term for voluminous female underwear would not have actually been "knickers", yet "bloomers", after the apparel item presented by Amelia Bloomer.

To this particular day in the US, the word "knickers" is associated with short trocustomers gathered at the knee and commonly worn by men; it is never before supplied to mean female undergarments. There are many type of Americans who might say, and would certainly carry out so without any type of concept of the image they were creating in British minds, "I have actually a picture of my grandfather as a boy in 1930; he is wearing a pair of knickers via suspenders, and he looks so cute!"