The Piercing Pagoda is a famous staple at malls throughout the USA, and Puerto Rico. Find Out even more around this piercing giant"s humble starts, and also what you can expect to find tright here.

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Piercing Pagoda Beginnings

Tbelow was a time (1969), when the Piercing Pagoda was just a solitary little kiosk in Pennsylvania"s Whitehall Mall. Although body piercing has been exercised for centuries, it was around to go mainstream through the Amerihave the right to public. The kiosk"s founders Bernie and Bertha Cohen had actually the vision to view how one basic piercing station could be parlayed right into a multi-million-dollar franchise.

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Because those early days, the Piercing Pagoda has checked out its variety of kiosks rise from one to over 780. In 2000, it was gained by Zales Jewelers, which was purchased by Signet Jewelers in 2014. As of 2017, Piercing Pagoda is component of the Signet Jewelers, a leading jewelry sector brand.

Free Ear Piercing

The Piercing Pagoda has actually greatly built its clientele by providing free ear piercing through the purchase of a set of starter pierced earrings. The combicountry of buying beautiful jewelry while receiving a totally free business has actually prcooktop irresistible to numerous guys and also woguys, so much so that Piercing Pagoda marks its experience in "ears" quite than years.

All of the piercing staff are re-certified every year, and also the firm prides itself on thoaround training every one of its associates in correct sterile piercing procedures and offering crucial aftercare instructions to every one of its customers. Only single-usage, disposable piercing cartridges are offered on each client, and also the staff always wears surgical gloves to lower the chances of cross-contamicountries that have the right to bring about infection.

If you buy a second pair of earrings with your first purchase, the agency will offer you 50 percent off. They likewise sell single ear and cartilage piercing specials. Getting a single piercing will certainly call for a $3.50 restocking fee and a cartilage piercing is a second $2.00.


Over the years, the Piercing Pagoda has actually earned a reputation for providing 10-14k gold jewelry at prices that make it affordable to own. If you"ve ever before actually walked past one of these kiosks at the mall, you"re more than likely acquainted with the way the well-lighted display screens glitter with "bling". This is in stark comparison through some other piercing venues that favor the "head shed" style of decor, and has actually substantially contributed to the company"s mainstream appeal. In addition to every one of the gold, the company carries a big selection of sterling silver and also diamond jewelry. They likewise carry some stainless steel selections.


Piercing Pagoda has actually made its name on earrings and tbelow is a factor why. This agency uses a vast selection of hoops, drops, studs, and also cartilage earrings for guys, womales, and also children. You have the right to also find an variety of gemstones, cubic zirconia, and also diamond formats. They likewise keep up on trfinishing styles and also have well-known choices choose octagonal hoops, triangular studs and also unique tree studs.

Popular looks include:


While earrings might be what they are well-known for, Piercing Pagoda uses a big assortment of necklaces in a number of various metals and gems. You have the right to discover chains, pendants, hearts, spiritual signs, and also even customized deindications.

Check out deindications like:


Another location of jewelry readily available by this multifaceted company is arm bands. You deserve to find arm bands in gold, plated gold or silver, sterling silver, and stainless steel. These come in a multitude of designs consisting of chains, bangles, cuffs, and also also cdamage arm bands for both men, woguys, and kids. If you are looking to include a tiny bling to your wrist, you have the right to discover diamond and also gemrock arm bands in all layouts. If ankle arm bands are even more your thing, they"ve got that area covered too.

Bracelet designs they carry include:


Given that Piercing Pagoda is affiliated via Zales, it shouldn"t come as a lot surprise that you deserve to fill all your ring needs below also. In addition to engagement rings and also wedding rings, you have the right to uncover an assortment of bold, thick rings, stackables, diamond rings, and also also rings for children via fun Disney characters. If you prefer bright gemstones, they have actually you spanned tbelow too in round, oval, square, heart, and also princess reduced deindications. They do not just have actually rings for your fingers either, they have toe rings also.

You"ll find items like:


You can uncover an assortment of men"s, women"s, kids, and also unisex cdamages for necklaces and also bracelets. These come in a number of various formats prefer pets, crosses, crucifixes, hearts, hobbies, and so on You name it and Piercing Pagoda more than likely has actually it.

Popular layouts include:

Body Jewelry

Piercing Pagoda has an excellent selection of belly switch rings, and they likewise have actually jewelry for your lip, tongue, eyebrow, nipple and also nose, as well. You have the right to discover sleek and stylish barbells as well as distinct captive bead rings and also horseshoes. Labret deindications are likewise obtainable.

You can discover looks such as:

Piercing Pagoda Credit

Piercing Pagoda uses a crmodify card for its valued customers. The card is offered via the Comenity Capital Bank. This credit card allows you to use credit in the store and pay bills in the store. You can additionally get six-month and 12-month special financing, as well as coupons and special discounts via the year for holding a Piercing Pagoda credit card, consisting of $25 dollars off a purchase of $50 or more on your birthday.

The interest rate for this card is 29.99 percent but deserve to differ, and you"ll be charged a $9.95 fee for promotional credit setup purchases. The amount of credit readily available for the card will certainly vary based upon the crmodify application and crmodify score.

Coupons and Sales

Beyond the discounts that are readily available for holding their credit card, you may periodically uncover uses on the store"s website. These might include:

Pagoda Dollars: This is valid just for those who subscribe to Piercing Pagoda emails. Proactivities might vary, yet you might uncover an market such as $10 ago in Pagoda dollars that have the right to be supplied on future purchases for eincredibly $40 you spend. Seasonal Sales: You may discover lowered prices and also special discounts on some of the online and keep inventory as the periods change and around holidays throughout the year. Text and also Email Savings: You deserve to authorize as much as conserve 10 percent off your initially order by subscribing to text or email cautions. You might likewise be eligible for special contests and other promotions from time to time.

Local areas my sell coupons for certain stores, yet these deserve to differ based upon place. However before, if you are in search of coupon codes or specials, you may uncover some through virtual discount sites.

Pros and Cons

Reviews for Piercing Pagoda are typically regional and also varied based upon a particular area. But you can uncover many type of of the same positive and also negative comments from websites like Yelp and also BirdEye.

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The piercings are done via a gun and are reasonably quick. They offer a large selection of jewelry selections. They cater well to tiny children. No require for an appointment.


Many of the Kiosks use a gun fairly than a needle. Due to the fact that a gun can"t be sterilized, this can lead to a better hazard for infection. The jewelry comes through a warranty, yet many kind of reviewers found it challenging to acquire replacement jewelry. The firm carries many kind of plated jewelry types; therefore, you need to pay cshed attention to the summary. Some customers thought they were gaining solid products that turned out to be plated.

One Soptimal Shop

Whether you"re contemplating your initially piercing, or you"re simply in the mood to purchase some brand-new jewelry, chances are you can uncover somepoint to tempt you at the Piercing Pagoda. For over forty years, this firm has actually delighted in a solid reputation for offering clients through both quality merchandise and safe, friendly business. It has grown to encompass a plethora of jewelry formats and also supplies the convenience of a keep credit card. While tbelow are both positive and also negative reviews to consider, you could just desire to provide the Pagoda a shot for yourself.

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