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Oh, Mountain Dew, sweet elixir of kids playing video games anywhere. It’s the soda our mothers warned us about and our medical professionals despise. However, that electric green drink has a storied background start in the hills of Tennescheck out.

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Here are 10 points you didn’t recognize about Mountain Dew, sugar rush not consisted of.

10. Mountain Dew was produced to be a moonshine mixer.

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Barney and Ally Hartguy were bottle developers in Tennessee that were exhausted of civilization complaining that weren’t any type of excellent mixers for moonshine on the industry. So they acquired to job-related.

9. The name has exciting roots.

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Mountain Dew was a popular phrase used by Scottish and Irish immigrants to Appalachia to describe moonshine. The Hartmale Brothers got the idea via open up arms and also in the 1940s, the trademark was born.

8. When PepsiCo bought the agency, it became somepoint a lot, much various.

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We tend to associate the brandthrough adolescents and also that is due in huge component to the reality that once PepsiCo bought Mountain Dew in 1964, they switched directions completely and also began marketing it toward a younger, outdoorsy generation. Did it work?

7. The Hartmale Brothers wouldn’t identify the flavor this particular day.

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The original Hartman Brothers recipe was originally closer to what we know as Sprite this particular day, yet in the 1960s, Bill Bridgforth readjusted that. As the manager of the plant, he chose to begin putting his own Tri-City Lemonade in Mountain Dew bottles, which caused sales to take off.

6. Tright here is oselection juice in Mountain Dew.

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Going withthe citrus lemonade principle, Mountain Dew went all in. On the earlier of the bottle or can, you’ll discover that focused orange juice, high fructose corn syrup, and also carbonated are three vital ingredients.

5. The original slogan played off its moonshine heritage.

The initially slogan for the soda was, “Ya-Hoo Mountain Dew. It’ll tickle your innards” as a barefooted hill male yelled on the commercial, “Shore as shootin’, there’s a bang in eincredibly bottle.”

4. Only 4 non-coffee drinks have actually more caffeine than a have the right to ofthe green elixir.

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One 12-oz can of Mountain Dew clocks in at 55 milligrams of caffeine, while just Red Bull (80 mg), Jolt (71.2), and also Pepsi One (55.5 mg) have even more caffeine in one 12-oz serving.

3. Does ittaste good because there’s flame retardant in it?

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Well, tright here is flame retardant, yet that’s not why it tastes good. The Food and also Drug Administration permits up to 15 components per million of BVO, or brominated vegetable oil, in fruit-flavored beverperiods. BVO was first patented as a flame retardant for plastics.

2. Mountain Dew Mouth is a real point.

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In Eastern Kentucky,PepsiCogot to out to dentists to aid attempt and also sheight tooth degeneration in children. The dentists colloquially referred to as the problem Mountain Dew Mouth, largely becausethe sodais loaded via sugar. We love it anyway.

1. It was supposed to be also more caffeinated.

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When it was being bottled, PepsiCo producers noticed that tright here was so much caffeine, it was crystallizing in the glass to create what looked favor slivers of ice. They lessened the caffeine partially to prevent the bottles from bursting.

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Channel the roots of Mountain Dew and pair it via our green apple Jolly Rancher moonshine. It’s a enhance made in heaven.

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