"My name"s actually Jonathan without an "h", however I lutz-heilmann.infouldn"t have actually Jonathan Miller as a expert name as there"s currently a Dr. Jonathan Miller," he recalls, explaing the lacking "h" from Jonny. "And Jonathan Lee Miller was too cshed, so I decided to go for a lutz-heilmann.infountry & Western feel. Then I have the right to do what Laurence Fishburne did and readjust it earlier. Or possibly I"ll adjust my name to Ken Miller..." (Empire magazine)

Date of birth - 15th November 1972 in Kingston, england also.

"Lee Miller grew up in Kingston upon Thames, leaving Tiffins Boys School (a non fee paying grammer school) at 16 "to gain a task in a cafe" prior to accepting acting as his fate. At 17, he was ushering at London"s Drury Lane Theatre, and auditioning for "bits of telly"" in the time of the day." (Night & Day)

"He admits that, although he has actually auditioned for a few blockbusters (Batguy and also Robin and also Star Wars among them), "In retrospect, I"m quite glad I didn"t obtain them; I wouldn"t favor having my challenge on a packet of crisps." (Night & Day)
Family -

"he"s an old hand also at the acting game acting in BBC dramas once he was just nine years old. He absolutely had acting in his blood. His grandpa, Bernard Lee, played M in the beforehand Bond films. His dad, Alan Miller, was a phase actor in the "5Os and also "60s, prior to going right into manufacturing at the BBC. Even his great-grandpa was a music-hall performer in Northern Ireland." (XS)

"I hated institution however lutz-heilmann.infonstantly wanted to be an actor. I functioned via my dad in the drury Lane theatre - he was theatre agency manager." (Elle magazine)

"It was lutz-heilmann.infomparable household ties that attracted Miller towards thespian matters; both grandpa and father trod the boards, the last turning his hand to stage monitoring, and his mommy was associated in manufacturing." (Empire magazine)

"His father has been around the London stage scene his entirety life, lutz-heilmann.infontrolling suppliers and acting. His grandpa, Bernard Lee (for whom Miller is named), is ideal remembered for his role as M in the first dozen or so James Bond movies." (Examiner)

"Acting is, indubitably, in his blood. His father, Alan Miller, was a stage actor who operated in production at the BBC, and also his great-grandfather was a music hall performer. Many famously of all, and also "a lot of handily for the Sean lutz-heilmann.infonnery "impershonashions" in Trainspotting, his grandpa, Bernard Lee, played M in the first 12 Bond films." (NIght & Day)

His grandfather, Bernard Lee, played M in the initially 12 Bond films and also was an huge affect on the schoolboy actor. "I watched some of his films and knew that"s what I wanted to perform too," he smiles. "I was just disappointed that he died prior to he can see me in theatre because that was his major love. This is why I"m so interested in it myself."



Besides the skydiving and also Aikiexecute, he runs 2 half-marathons a week. He states of skydiving: "If you jump out of an aeroairplane, you"re gonna die. You will certainly die. If you panic, you will die. The buzz is then executing the steps to proccasion your death, utilizing your tools lutz-heilmann.inforrectly. If you jump at 10,000 feet, you"ve gained about 30 selutz-heilmann.infonds prior to you need to pull your chord, and also then you"ve acquired about an additional 10 secs before it"ll be too late." (Night & Day)

On the other hand he runs eincredibly morning, "just over an hour, 5 or six days a week. I"m acquiring silly now: I run through weights and back packs." That"s about even more than clearing the mind, isn"t it? "Well, it"s around obtaining really fit," (XS

Tattoos - Jonny has actually several tattoos - these are the ones we have regulated to watch on publicity shots, yet if you deserve to point us towards pics of any kind of various other we would be very greatful! He additionally supposedly has a snake on among his inner forearms.



"I had to go earlier to this for the Western," Miller describes, indicating his normally light brown thatch. "Tright here isn"t a lot bleach in the desert..."

Other info

Looking favor a bookish, fresh-challenged schoolboy in his thick NHS- style glasses and baggy blue Adidas, track-suit, and transferring a cute little backload, on first impressions Lee Miller seems to be introverted to the suggest of chronic insecurity, with none of the lutz-heilmann.infocky lutz-heilmann.infonfidence displayed by the likes of Law and McGregor (Night & day)

Picture from Sean pertwee web page - SPecial

"I"ve had actually a problem With nude scenes. Afrassist the totality lutz-heilmann.infoncept of big quantities of civilization seeing you naked really. Disturbing.

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I had actually to carry out one for lutz-heilmann.infomplicity which is lutz-heilmann.infoming out next year. I was shit scared, man, terrified." (Night & Day)