I have the GotY edition of Shadow of Mordor, and also I also have Shadow of War. Can I just hop into Shadow of War without ever before poignant Shadow of Mordor? Will I be puzzled about the personalities and story if I do?


Tright here is a previously on at the begin of this game and also its around 30 seconds which is probably also a lot time to spfinish recapping the plot of the original.

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It actually appears rather serviceable in this game, so much. Even if it"s not why I"m here.


Yea ... I"ve just began the new game and also man it wastes no time reflecting it"s cards. The entirety intro is so hilariously negative already.


It seems like a huge innovation yet only because the first game had actually such a poor story at eincredibly possible turn. At leastern currently there is appropriate framing and also characters and novel points favor goals.

I kinda choose Shelob due to learning in the back of my mind that someone is super mad about it.

If you care enough about story to ask this question then you more than likely shouldn"t play either game. This series is around mechanics and gameplay initially and the story is only tbelow to company people that acquire pissy if tright here is no factor / motivation for killing hundreds of orcs.

I do not remember anypoint about the first one.. so no. while tright here is fun to be had, it is the stabby stabby that is fun.. i do not really treatment about what is going on. (which is kinda problem)

there is additionally a movie at the begin to get you up to speed.. which honestly was wasn"t useful at all. :)

I started Shadow of Mordor this weekend, and I could not even make with the opening reduced scenes with out hitting the skip button. Such a worn down and one note primary character and also story premise. The orcs and activity seem good at leastern.

Agree via nearly everyone right here in that the story is hot garbage and also nopoint more than fan business for Tolkien fans. I honestly think the LOTR license does more harm than excellent.

Not really. I intend, Shadow of War doesn"t also seem to recognize what"s going on with the story and also personalities.

bartok: I think it"s more of a fan discompany. The much less you understand or treatment around the Tolkien lore the much better I"d say as far as these games go.

bartok: The story is most likely even worse if you"re a Tolkien fan! It is utterly unchoose anypoint Tolkien would have written around his civilization, apart from the surface-level coat of Elf/Man/Orc/Sauron paint.

I still appreciate from the appendices and all that that they plainly have actually a great understanding of the lore they simply also offer zero fucks about going off through their very own crazy nonfeeling.

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