I desire to play Dark Souls series. If I play the III prior to the others. Will I not understand the story (if there is a story, of course) or something else ?


No, it"s not crucial. You are able to complete DS3 and also understand also it till some suggest without any type of background in series.

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But experience via previous games will certainly assist you:

in understanding standard game mechanics choose bonfires, weapon scaling and also movesets, etc.in knowledge the whole story: while each game have independent plot, there are most interceptions. In regards to lore games complete each other.

Also, some things in DS3 can be considered as pure fan-company concerned previous games, so without expertise of initially 2 you could bacount notification these points at all. But this no means spoils your endure via the game.

Dark Souls is a great series, I hope you will certainly gain it.

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The short variation is no, you really don"t. The souls titles are all variations on a design template and also not a constant narrative. You will certainly not understand also the lore / story your first time via anymeans so you shouldn"t issue around that.

The slightly lengthy answer is that you deserve to skip 2, its a good game I delighted in it however it does not really include a lot to 3. Whether you must play 1 isn"t really an easy question to answer. Many kind of human being would certainly say absolutely however one point to bare in mind is that these are polarizing games, and also what makes 1 so brilliant is also what renders it so complex to get in to.

I don"t intend challenging from a combat perspective either, but from a civilization and also level style perspective Dark Souls 1 is brutal and while it does make the totality world feel entirety, 3 does almost as excellent a task and is way less isolating. Some would disagree but as I sassist, its polarizing.

Dark Souls 3 does have most throw backs to 1, and also some for 2 but these aren"t factors to play, they aren"t going to blow you away unmuch less you"ve already invested a lot right into the game and also its lore.

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For me 3 is the pinnacle of the series, wbelow it sleek what was good, made it even more accessible yet at didn"t skimp on the difficulty. What renders them good is exactly how they make you feel as a player, not the lore of the story behind it all.