Bungie and also Activision are sending a clear message with Destiny"s brand-new The Taken King expansion: if you do not want to buy it, then there"s no reason to play. Rather than moving ameans from the controversial paid DLC models, Destiny has actually embraced them in a whole new way for Year 2, which supplies a decidedly shocking look at the future of the franchise.

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Destiny"s The Taken King isn"t simply an expansion: it"s a totality new game. Bungie has actually lastly made Destiny into the game we constantly wanted. But even with every one of these new additions and transforms, Activiboy and Bungie are still as much as the exact same old marketing tricks.

Just as I was starting to have belief in Bungie again, I"m reminded exactly how specifically Destiny functions. The game is built upon a ridiculous paygate plan that literally pressures gamers to purchase brand-new expansions if they want to proceed onward. With eincredibly passing DLC, little bits and chips of the core game are locked off: Xur selling expansion-just equipment, daily heroic objectives and weekly Nightloss strikes featuring DLC-only missions.

"This is par for the course in terms of Bungie/Activision manipulating the playerbase, however with The Taken King they"ve gutted so a lot of the game"s content for people who had been keeping up," states Reddit user hooligonzo. "The Taken King. It"s an exciting name for the growth, considering that it has taken around fifty percent the game ago from the players and also royally screwed them."

Despite having a decidedly MMO-prefer setup, Destiny isn"t an MMO. If you don"t buy an expansion for an MMO you typically aren"t ceded any type of penalties other than not acquiring accessibility to brand-new content. The Taken King, on the various other hand, does not simply add brand-new content--it literally strips original players of endgame access in a very coercive attempt to force the $40 development upon to these players.

"Buy currently or go away": How the game has readjusted for Year 1 players

When The Taken King released, Bungie significantly adjusted the civilization of Destiny. Stats were lowered, level caps were elevated to 40, the guns were rebalanced, extra items and gear were included, and also each of the three classes gained a brand-new subclass. With TTK, Bungie separation the game into Year 1 and also Year 2 content, producing a astronomical vacuum that disinserted gamers that haven"t bought The Taken King and bring about a substantial percent of angry gamers.

Let"s take a look at some particular methods Destiny has adjusted for Year 1 players, i.e. the first adopters of Bungie"s brand-new franchise:

Level 40 caps on Nightfall and also Heroics as soon as non-TTK players are stuck at level 34 - Cutting forward to the expansion"s release just days back, many type of gamers were distraught to find that the weekly Nightfall and also Heroic mission had actually a level 40 requirement. Because non-TTK players are capped at level 34 that suggests no Nightfall for this week. Keep in mind these modes cycle and also rotate eexceptionally week, and just TTK missions/Strikes call for level 40...yet it"s still a harsh reminder of exactly how Destiny works. Vendors only sell Year 2 TTK equipment - Every merchant in Destiny now just sells Year 2 equipment that needs TTK to accessibility. So that indicates non-TTK players can not buy any kind of new legendaries from the Crucible or Vanguard handlers or also brand-new exotics from Xur. Instead of having 2 separate inventories for TTK and also non-TTK players, Bungie simply lumped it in together and also pushes players to buy the growth. Can"t earn Legendary Marks - Legendary marks are Destiny"s new create of currency offered for purchasing legendary gear and crafting products. Players just start to earn legendary marks as soon as hitting level 40, and also Year 1 players are capped at level 34. So this indicates you"ll be stuck endlessly farming for Spirit Blooms and Spinmetal once aget. Embarrassingly limited Strike playlist - Year 1 players only have access to a ridiculously watered dvery own and also reduced ago Strike playlist that just barley resembles the old Vanguard strike playlist. There"s no challenges any even more, just a lumped together remnant that"s half-assedly offered to players that have been phased out. The rewards for this playlist are reportedly awful, and there"s incredibly little bit reason to actually play it. Unbeatable patrol missions - Year 1 players deserve to actually come right into call through the Taken, the new enemies added by the growth. But they can not kill them as a result of the expensive disparity between the foe and also player levels. As a result a part of the patrol goals that call for players to kill enemies are unbeatable as they pressure players to go up versus un-killable opponents. Limited PvP matches - The Crucible has been gimped too, and now Year 1 players can only pick in between random 3v3 or 6v6 gamekinds rather of the customized array of gametypes that were accessible pre-TTK.

The Endgame

"I really perform view this because they obviously know exactly how this is all going to play out," writes Destiny user Kweh on the game"s official forums. "The damn Dr Phil they have functioning for them is running the psychology on all you lab rats. The even more I think about this game, the more I really start to despise what it"s all about. From the gambling perspective, to the beat you down so you save coming back, methods."

To date, early on adopters of Destiny have actually had actually to pay a complete amount of $130 for the core game and its 3 expansions, yet brand-new players only have to shell out the conventional $59.99. Now just were the original players responsible for shaping the game"s area and providing large sums of cost-free feedback, they are rewarded for their efforts by eventually being phased out.

Can Bungie continue to save this trend going? What happens in another year as soon as Destiny takes up 150GB on our HDD"s and also racks up a total of $300 of spfinishing from gamers? To me, Destiny feels like a large experiment, and also Activision and Bungie have established a new sort of exploitative layered paygate design that provides microtransactions look paltry.

The suppliers need to be ashamed of themselves for this blatant level of obfuscation. They hide the truth that Year 1 players are entirely reduced off from content they previously had actually access to. Sure Bungie tells us that all previous expansions are forced to play The Taken King, but the studio pointedly refrains from specifics on what you shed, focusing entirely in what you get.

This trend is startling, ridiculous and utterly exploitative, but it provides money. And bereason of that I think this is just how Activision and Bungie will execute organization for the eight staying years of Destiny"s future.

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