to perceive or understand also as truth or truth; to apprehfinish plainly and through certainty: I know the case fully.

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to have actually establiburned or resolved in the mind or memory: to know a poem by heart; Do you understand the means to the park from here?
be acquainted with (a thing, area, perkid, etc.), as by sight, suffer, or report: to recognize the mayor.
to understand also from suffer or attainment (normally adhered to by just how before an infinitive): to know exactly how to make gingerbcheck out.
to be cognizant or conscious, as of some reality, circumstance, or occurrence; have indevelopment, as around somepoint.
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recognize the ropes, Informal. to understand or be familiar via the particulars of a topic or business: He kbrand-new the ropes better than anyone else in national politics.
First recorded before 900; Center English knowen, knawen, Old English gecnāwan; cognate via Old High Germale -cnāhan, Old Norse knā “to know how, be able to”; akin to Latin (g)nōvī, Greek gignṓskein. See gnostic, can1
knotting, knotty, knotweed, knotoccupational, knout, recognize, knowable, know-all, recognize all the answers, recognize a point or two, understand beans

To recognize somepoint is to perceive or understand also it as truth or reality. When must you use this verb over understand or comprehend? Find out on

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8 Ways To Confidently Say “I Don’t Know”If you want to continue to be in the know on even more reliable and also impactful means to say to "I do not understand," look no further. This list is here to save you increated.
notice, identify, appreciate, perceive, suffer, view, have, learn, realize, feel, determine, ken, discriminate, prize, apprehend, fathom, comprehend, grasp, distinguish, distinguish
(likewise intr; may take a clausage as object) to be or feel specific of the truth or accuracy of (a fact, etc)
(additionally intr; might take a clause as object) to understand also, be aware of, or perceive (facts, etc)he knows the answer now
you know informal a parenthetical filler phrase provided to make a pause in speaking or include slight emphasis to a statement

In enhancement to the idioms start through know

understand all the answersrecognize a point or twounderstand beansunderstand betterrecognize by heartknow by sightknow sufficient to come in out of the rainrecognize from Adamknow if one is coming or goingunderstand it allknow like a bookunderstand one"s very own mindrecognize one"s placeunderstand one"s stuffrecognize one"s method aroundunderstand only as well wellrecognize the ropesknow the scoreknow wright here one standsknow which side of one"s breview is buttered

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prior to you know it(know) by heartcome in out of the rain, understand sufficient tocoming or going, understand if one"sfor all (I know)god knows(know) inside outin the knowit takes one to know oneleft hand does not know what appropriate hand also is doingnot understand beansnot know from Adamnot recognize wright here to turnnot understand which means to jumppoint or 2, knowwhat do you knowwhat have actually you (that knows what)which is which, knowyou know