About I Believe in You (You Believe in Me)

"I Believe in You (You Believe in Me)" is a song written and produced by Don Davis and recorded by Johnnie Taylor. Davis had originally begun writing the song in 1965. When he discovered himself two songs short while functioning to complete Taylor"s Taylored in Silk LP, Davis made a decision "I Believe in You (You Believe in Me) as one of the songs that would certainly fill out the album. The basic track was reduced at Muscle Shoals Sound in Alabama with members of its renowned rhythm section: bhelp David Hood, drummer Roger Hawkins, guitarist Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Barry Beckett, and also Davis later on overcalled strings at United Sound Recording Studio, the recording studio in Detroit that Davis had actually bought in 1971. Released as a single in the summer of 1973, "I Believe in You (You Believe in Me)" became one of the biggest hits of Taylor"s career, holding the #1 spot on Billboard"s Hot Soul Singles Chart for 2 weeks and reaching the number elalso place on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. The single was also certified gold by the RIAA for sales of one million duplicates.even more »

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I feel sorry, I feel sorryI feel sorry, I feel sorryI feel for sorryFor any male out thereWhen he can not look aroundAnd say this is my womanMy woguy aloneI feel sorry, yeahFor any kind of woguy out thereWho can"t say I acquired somebodyThat I can contact my very ownI feel sorry, I feel sorryI feel sorry, I feel sorryOne point I deserve to say aboutThe human being of the human being todayThey see you via a great thingThey want to take it awayBut I believe in youYou believe in me as well, yeahEven your finest frifinish will certainly comeAround making sly remarksTrying to put you downI think in youYou believe in me tooListen, honeyPeople talkingTrying to pull us apartSticking pins and also needlesIn both of our heartsI love you no matterDon"t care aboutThe stormy weatherI heard your mom sayLoving me didn"t make no senseBut as soon as she put me downYou stood up in my defenseI believe in youAnytime you againstYour very own motherIt provides me knowYou believe in me, yeahHere"s another thingWe had our tough timesAnd nearly didn"t make itWe always operated itNever tried to fake itBut I think in youYou believe in me tooHere"s anything about itPeople talkingTrying to pull us apartAlways ticking pins andNeedles in both of our heartsOur love togetherDon"t care aboutThe stormy weatherI believe in youYou believe in me too, yeahI believeThat"s why every timeWe gain a chanceI tell you, honeyHow a lot I love youLove you, love youLove you, love youAnd the majority of of allHow much I trust youThe factor why I trust you, babyIs bereason of one thingI have the right to lean on you, yeah, babyAnd you have the right to lean on me tooOne more time I"m gonna sayI believe in youHoney, pleaseLet me think in youI understand a lot of people out thereWish they had somebodyThey can think inI believe, I believe in youYou believe in me tooAnytime you againstYour own motherIt provides me knowYou think in meI think in youAnd you"ve shown me enoughTo understand you think in me too

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Johnnie Taylor Johnnie Harriboy Taylor (May 5, 1934 – May 31, 2000) was an Amerideserve to vocalist in a wide array of genres, from rhythm and blues, heart, blues and gospel to pop, doo-wop and disco. even more »