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(feat. Jimmy Fallon, Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, Nasim Pedrad, Vanessa Bayer, Noël Wells, Cecily Strong & Kate McKinnon)Back in tvery own, visiting my mommy and also dadBut that do not expect I do not wanna be badSay "what"s up" to my cousins, say "what"s up" to my neighborsThen take my male to my childhood bedroomThis is my old christening dressAnd here"s my stack of X-Files on VHSNow we"re gonna freak (freak) in my monessential sheets (sheets)That I"ve had because I was a kidLet"s execute it in my twin bed (twin bed)Not gonna like it (choose it)But it"s the just option (option)Wright here we can obtain it popping (popping)Let"s carry out it in my twin bed (twin bed)Probably fall off it (off it)But let"s obtain wild (wild)In a bed for a boy (child)If you desire an old cat to watch you boneYou"re gonna wanna obtain dvery own in my parents" homeIt"s lick its body (body) while you lick my body (body)Then it"ll throw up on your bagsCome on, sexy boy, gotta perform this quickWhile my folks are at the pharmacy, my mom is sickShe"s acquired a cough (cough), she gained it from Jean (Jean)And now it"s a entirety point through JeanI"m glad you gained to fulfill my Uncle TedNow keep it dvery own cause he"s a sleep on my trundle bedHey, do not mind me (me), we"re family members ("ly)Did you hear Aunt Ruth is dead? (Sad)Let"s execute it on my twin bed (twin bed)Even though Aunt Ruth"s dead (Ruth"s dead)Wish we had even more room (even more room)But Grandma got the guest room (guest room)But we"ll still gain nasty (nasty)Up versus my trophies (trophies)You"re a certified hottie (hottie)Similar to JTTGirl, you know I love you, but let"s be clearI"m having actually numerous trouble obtaining horny hereI wanna acquire dvery own and carry out my thingBut your childhood bed has actually antique springsAnd I guess your mom don"t understand just how to knockKeep my foot on the door reason it doesn"t lockCan"t totally undress case your parents come throughJust shirt, no pants choose Winnie the PoohAnd why am I also trying to acquire laidUnder a photo of you from seventh grade?Let"s take it earlier currently, y"allSo we"ll perform it in my twin bed (twin bed)Not gonna prefer it (prefer it)But you can"t be picky (picky)When you"re staying via your family members (family)Having sex in a tiny twin bed y"allHappy holidaysWe out