They are both awesome, and have actually dozens and dozens of hours of content. I think I choose PoE 2 below myself, plus it’s currently gained both RTwP and also Turn-based mode, both of which are extremely fun, imo.

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I think DOS2 is exceptional, however I played it co-op and also I’m not sure if I would certainly have appreciated it rather as much controlling 4 personalities myself. Maybe I would have! But thinking about it in the abstract, I’m not so certain. I save definition to pick it up for the Switch to replay it aobtain single player this time, given that it’s obtained cross play through the PC (I think I read), so I’ll discover out yet at some point, in theory!

robc04 January 25, 2020, 7:49pm #5

I think it’s informing that I survived every one of PoE2, yet I only made it possibly halfmethod through DoS2. I perform think the high points of DoS2 are much better, however it likewise has even more tedium. I like the DoS2 activity point system much better than RTwP. Like Scott mentions Pillars added a rotate based mode which I carry out want to try out.

Profanicus January 25, 2020, 7:51pm #6

Did you play either of the original games?

I desired Divinity 2. The ecological interaction in combat adds a lot.

I did play a bit of Pillars 2 subsequently based but discovered it pretty tedious.

SlyFrog January 25, 2020, 8:06pm #7

Did you play either of the original games?

No, I haven’t played either.

If it helps, I’m not significant on RPGs wbelow tright here is a ton of explace. You recognize, the kind wbelow you acquire some tacked on combat, followed by eight minutes of dialogue trees and also cut scenes.

I do desire tbelow to be some “game” tright here, not simply a story, if you understand what I mean.

Dissensus January 25, 2020, 8:15pm #8

I a lot choose Pillars 2, yet there’s probably more ‘game’ in Divinity 2. For example, I got to the suggest through Pillars 2 of considering turning the obstacle on minimum except for vital boss/story encounters. I really delighted in the story and also worldbuilding of Pillars 2 and its setting is just one of the ideal in any kind of RPG I’ve ever before played (much better than Pillars 1 in that regard). It’s true that Divinity 2 has actually a fair little of tedious encounters and also a couple of annoying obstacle spikes (I never before finimelted it either to be honest). Still, it might be even more of what you’re looking for.

I should say that Pillars 2 is brief on cutscenes, but you are going to be analysis the majority of dialogue boxes.

Profanicus January 25, 2020, 8:17pm #9

If it helps, I’m not significant on RPGs wbelow tbelow is a ton of explace. You know, the sort where you acquire some tacked on combat, followed by eight minutes of dialogue trees and reduced scenes.

I perform desire tright here to be some “game” tright here, not just a story, if you recognize what I expect.

Well Divinity is your game then! The combat mechanism is the major feature, and the dialogues feel more tacked on. ;)

Though really there’s plenty of ‘game’ in both. Pillars has actually a lot even more message. The tamong the games are also fairly different. Divinity has type of a humourous style, Pillars is pretty straight-faced.

gingerturtle January 25, 2020, 8:32pm #10

Yep, as others have stated, that qualifies you for Divinity Initial Sin 2. The just downside tbelow is the rather tedious inventory administration and the abundance of loot. But it’s really one of its type, a game that’s to be thrilled for. Actually there’s no room for comes to (speaking of the Definite Edition).

Cormac January 25, 2020, 8:36pm #11

Yep, gotta agree with the others, I’ve finimelted both games and DOS2 was a lot even more fun and also about the mechanics, whereas PoE2 was several reading and also the storyline gets shed in the mud between assorted factions and also fetch pursuits.

DOS2 just feels fresher and has a prettier engine that you can rotate, as opposed to the 2D old-school approach that PoE2 takes.

If you have time, I really loved this video presentation from the PoE2 developer, which is a very hocolony analysis of the game one year after its release and also illustrates its staminas and also weaknesses.

I appreciated understanding the games parameters going in, so I might change my expectations accordingly.

vinraith January 26, 2020, 1:15am #12

No, I haven’t played either.

If it helps, I’m not big on RPGs wbelow tbelow is a ton of explace. You understand, the kind where you gain some tacked on combat, adhered to by eight minutes of dialogue trees and cut scenes.

It honestly sounds favor you’d be much better off via Divinity Original Sin 1, rather than 2. The combat was markedly much better in 1 (2 introduced an armor mechanism that provides eincredibly fight twice as lengthy and also substantially reduces the prominence of the otherwise excellent magic system), and the writing’s kinda crap in both.

gingerturtle January 26, 2020, 1:32am #13

What’s wrong with the writing? It was quite to the allude, not spamming as well a lot elderly adjectives and also personalities are memorable. First time I see such harsh criticism.

vinraith January 26, 2020, 1:36am #14

I greatly uncovered it inmeaningful (I think component of it’s a translation issue), and the attempts at humor are specifically awkward. Obviously it’s a issue of taste, but I likewise didn’t find any of the characters memorable (in truth, sitting below ideal currently, I can’t think of anyone in that game that made an impression, and also I played all 100 hours of the first one).

The greatest problem is that it’s frequently unclear what you’re supposed to be doing - I had actually to look up the following step in a search far too often in both DOS games.

Edit: On reread this appears excessively harsh. To clarify, the creating didn’t occupational (at all, clearly!) for me. Others extremely clearly enjoy it, so that’s dvery own to taste. I really appreciated the combat in 1, though, or I wouldn’t have actually played with the whole point. In 2, I stalled out bereason I didn’t reap the creating and thought the combat was a slog, so tright here ya go.

Conversely, I really appreciated the creating in PoE1 yet the RtwP combat simply wore me out. I haven’t played 2 yet, however suspect I’ll gain it much even more in light of the rotate based combat.

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Edit2: It should likewise be noted, per succeeding conversation, that I’m talking about the pre-definitive-edition variation of DOS2. I can’t stop to how the game plays after the update.