However you might feel around them, swear words are a component of many languperiods, so at leastern being able to identify them is a vital stop on the road to fluency. Swear words (gros mots) in French are specifically important, considering that in general, the French tend to be pretty open around them.

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For instance, many kind of French tv channels don’t censor obscene words and phrases — although tbelow are some exceptions (including fact mirrors that usage the “beep” to seem more American). This, and the truth that swear words to some level function in many kind of people’s day-to-day conversations, indicates that as you hone your French, you’re bound to be exposed to gros mots.

Here is a handy a list of the major French swear words (yes, there are a lot) and expressions that typically go together with them.

Table of Contents
Fuck in French and also various other swear words concerned sex
Se casser/Casse-toi (or just how to sound choose Sarkozy)
Chier (or exactly how to talk around what annoys you)
Con (or how to say stupid in French)
The interpretation and use of theFrench swear word couille
How to say ass in French
A few other advantageous French curse words you need to know
Foutre: the obscene helping verb
Merde (or exactly how to say shit in French
Putain: The French’s favorite swear word
A few helpful French insults
Some French curse words to understand, but never before usage.
Wait a minute…what about sacrebleu?!
What are French swear words from various other French-speaking countries?
What are the the majority of prevalent French swear words?

Fuck in French and other swear words regarded sex


Baiser – To fuck 

This deserve to be offered literally (On a bien baisé — We had actually a good fuck.) or figuratively (800 euros pour faire la vidange?! Ce mécanicien m’a bien baisé. – 800 euros for an oil change?! That mechanic really fucked me.) It have the right to likewise be provided in its reflexive form: Je me suis fait baiser – I acquired fucked over.

Beyond the poor word: This is possibly the most dangerous French swear word for international speakers bereason, while it’s exceptionally vulgar, as soon as provided various other ways, it’s not vulgar at all.

Un baiser is a kiss, and baiser is among the verb forms for providing a kiss. When it’s offered as a verb, you have to usage conmessage to understand also whether it’s obscene or not. For example, if you check out, Il s’est agenouillé devant la reine et lui a baisé la major (He knelt prior to the queen and kissed her hand), you would certainly assume it means the man is kissing the queen’s hand, not fucking it (unmuch less you’re reading fetish porn, in which case…maybe.).

Another method baiser is dangerous is that it have the right to be perplexed via the verb baisser – to lower. The vital, of course, is that the double “s” renders the “s” sound soft, unlike in baiser, wbelow the “s” sounds choose a “z”. Still, when incredibly exhausted, I have been known to say Baise le volume! So, remain on your guard once this word comes approximately.

Niquer – one more way to say fuck in French

Beyond the poor word: Unprefer English, the French language has different, specific words for the various develops of “fuck”. In this instance, niquer explains the activity and also can’t be transformed into an adjective, and so on. Like its synonym baiser, it have the right to be provided both literally and also figuratively.

Nique ta mère – Fuck your mother

This is the the majority of prevalent expression you’ll hear via this verb. It’s likewise the meaning of the name of seminal French rap team NTM.

More French swear words regarded sex

Bite – Cock. A vulgar word for the body part, not for a person that acts favor an asshole (for that, watch many type of of the other words on this list).

Beyond the negative word: Verlan is a type of French slang wbelow the syllables of a word are reversed. One of the the majority of widespread Verlan words you’ll encounter is teub – that’s ideal, “bite”.

chatte – Pussy.That is, an obscene word for the female sex body organ. The French don’t usage this in the other feeling of “pussy” in English, a weak, cowardly male. In that instance, they would certainly say lopette, or use among its slightly much less vulgar and problematic cousins, mauviette.

Branler – to jerk off. This word additionally means “to shake or wobble” and deserve to be used in that innocent conmessage, as well.

Qu’est-ce que tu branles ? – What the hell have actually you been doing? This is commonly used to express frustration through exactly how lengthy someone is taking to carry out somepoint.

Branleur – a wanker.

Rien à branler don’t/didn’t give a shit/a fuck.

This have the right to be offered as a stand-alone expression, or as component of a sentence.

Examples: Jean a encore porté ses bottes pleines de boue dans la maison. Il en a rien à branler ! (Jean wore his muddy boots in the house again! He doesn’t offer a shit!)

Jean n’en a rien à branler de tes règles – il a encore porté ses bottes dans la maison. (Jean doesn’t provide a shit around your rules – he wore his boots in the house again.)

S’en branler. Literally “to jerk oneself off through it”, this delightful phrase mirrors how bit a perboy respects the situation/something that’s being shelp. The ideal identical I’ve ever before checked out is in the Harper Collins Robert French Unalinked dictionary that has been my companion for many kind of years: “I don’t provide a flying fuck.”

Enculer – to bugger/fuck in the ass. This have the right to be provided literally, for instance in explicit erotic book passperiods or sexts, or figuratively, as in the expression Va te faire enculer! (Go fuck yourself!/Bugger off!)

Enculé/Enculée – An asshole. Tbelow is a feminine develop of this French swear word, but I’ve never viewed or heard it offered – this appears to be an insult largely scheduled for males. It is a really widespread one, also.

Enculer les mouches – Literally, “to fuck flies in the ass”. This expression – one more among my individual favorites – is a really obscene, imagery-wealthy way to say “to nitpick.”

Se casser/Casse-toi (or just how to sound favor Sarkozy)


Literally “Break yourself,” the equivalent of Casse-toi is “Sod/fuck off”.

If you don’t say it directly to someone, se casser would certainly be the equivalent of “obtain out of here/there.” Elle a mis le collier dans sa poche. Puis elle s’est cassée. (She put the necklace in her pocket. Then she acquired out of tright here.); Je n’en ai rien à branler! Je me casse! (I don’t give a fuck! I’m out of here!)

Beyond the bad word: In 2008, then-President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was commonly considered a affluent, elitist snob out of touch through the common guy, was on an official visit to the annual Salon de l’Agrisociety (Agrisocial Exposition), as soon as tright here was some booing, and a man in the packed crowd sassist not to touch him. Casse-toi alors, pauv’ con (Then sod off, asshole), was Sarkozy’s muttered reply.

Unfortunately for him, the phrase was picked up by reporters’ sound devices. It might be understandable if you or I said it, yet in this case, it was considered by many type of as a sign of the President’s absence of regard for the widespread male. It remains a social reference to this day.

Chier (or exactly how to talk about what annoys you)

Chier – To shit.

Faire chier. A wonderful, functional expression that eventually mirrors annoyance. If offered reflexively (most generally Je me fais chier), it indicates to be fucking bored or annoyed. Fait chier! is a widespread exclamatory phrase that suggests “Shit!”

Keep in mind from Benjamin: this is an expression I heard a lot last time I visited Paris. Eextremely time a train was cancelled, I might hear many “ils font vraiment chier !”.

À chier – shitty/garbage. Le film était à chier. (The movie was shitty.)

Chiant(e) – bloody annoying.This have the right to be used to explain a living being (Je ne veux pas voir Sandra et child chien – ils sont chiants tous les deux ! (I don’t desire to see Sandra and her dog – they’re both bloody annoying !)) or a instance (Sa mère lui a dit qu’il doit assister au repas familial au lieu de venir au bar avec nous vendredi soir ? C’est chiant. (His mother told him he hregarding have actually dinner via his family members rather of going out to the bar through us on Friday night? That’s bloody annoying.))

Con (or just how to say stupid in French)

Con/Conne – Stupid and/or unpleasant

This may be the most versatile, nuanced French swear word. Basically, it’s a harsh means to say “idiot” or “stupid”, and have the right to additionally be provided as a noun, for “idiot.” But it’s not constantly provided to show a absence of intelligence; it deserve to additionally be employed similarly to “asshole,” “cunt,” or “twat”. Of course, there can simply be an overlap between the two. Interestingly, this versatility only uses to once it’s supplied as a noun; once it’s an adjective, it specifically suggests a absence of knowledge.


Ne l’écoute pas, c’est un con. (Don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot/asshole.)

Ne l’écoute pas, il est con. (Don’t listen to him, he’s stupid.)

Beyond the poor word: Le dîner de cons is an iconic French film starring Thierry Lhermitte and Jacques Villeret. It tells the story of a team of elitist assholes (cons) that seek out truly stupid or boring people (cons) and invite them to a group dinner wright here they’re unknowingly the subject of mockery and also a dispute to uncover the dumfinest one.

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But something goes wrong, and zaniness ensues. It’s an excellent film to watch to understand one prevalent resource of humor for the French: making fun of naïve or stupid people (although the film does type of question whether anyone really is totally con) and also is genuinely funny.