One objective of the ____ project was to create a computer network that would allow researchers located in different places to communicate with each other.a. World Wide Web c. ISOCb. ARPANET d. W3C

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____ generally refers to applications and services that use the Web as a platform to deliver rich applications that enable people to collaborate, socialize, and share information online.a. Web X c. Web 1.0b. Web Y d. Web 2.0
____ is a consortium of researchers, educators, and technology leaders from industry, government, and the international community that is dedicated to the development of revolutionary Internet technologies.a. P2P c. ICANN2b. Internet2 d. ISP
The primary infrastructure that makes up the ____ is typically owned by communications companies, such as telephone and cable companies.a. main Internet c. Internet backboneb. World Net d. super net
____ are businesses or other organizations that provide Internet access to others, typically for a fee.a. Application service providers (ASPs) c. Telephone service providersb. Conferencing service providers d. Internet service providers (ISPs)
____ are companies that manage and distribute Web-based software services to customers over the Internet.a. Internet service providers (ISPs)b. Internet content providersc. Online conferencing service providersd. Application service providers (ASPs)
____ is charged with such responsibilities as IP address allocation and domain name management.a. National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)b. Web Consortium (W3C)c. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)d. Internet Society (ISOC)
Direct Internet connections are typically ____ connections.a. broadband c. bandwidthb. dial-up d. satellite
One advantage of a dial-up connection is ____.a. connection speed c. sharing the connectionb. security d. continuous availability
Conventional dial-up connects to the Internet at a maximum of ____.a. 10.2 Kbps c. 56 Kbpsb. 28.8 Kbps d. 128 Kbps
____ is the most widely used type of home broadband connection, with over half of the home broadband market.a. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet accessb. Fixed wireless Internet accessc. Mobile wireless Internet accessd. Cable Internet access
____ is a new alternative for homes and businesses today in areas where there is fiber optic cabling available all the way to the building.a. T1 c. ISDNb. DSL d. BoF
Most search sites use a ____—a software program—in conjunction with a huge database of information about Web pages to help visitors find Web pages that contain the information they are seeking.a. search engine c. search storeb. search toolbox d. search box
The ____ is the most commonly used Internet search type.a. keyword search c. directory searchb. character search d. distributed search
One of the most straightforward ways to improve the quality of the hits returned in a search is to use ____—essentially typing more than one keyword in a keyword search.a. character searching c. index searchingb. phrase searching d. code searching
____ limit search results to just those pages with a specific Web page title, URL, text, or top-level domain.a. Keyword searches c. Field searchesb. Directory searches d. Phrase searches
To determine if the information from a Web page can be trusted, you should evaluate both the ____ and the source.a. technology c. designerb. hardware d. author
The program in the accompanying figure allows you to ____.a. search the Web c. instant message and video chatb. blog d. upload databases to share with other users
____ allows you to exchange real-time messages easily with people on your buddy list—a list of individuals that you specify.a. VoIP c. Instant messagingb. Blogging d. Streaming
Today, the standard term for placing telephone calls over any type of data network (including the Internet, as well as a LAN, WAN, or other type of data network) is ____.a. VoIP c. ISDNb. DSL d. BoF
Online shopping and online investing are examples of ____.a. online merchandising c. e-commerceb. online marketing d. e-trade
Common online investing services include the ability to set up a(n) ____ that displays the status of the stocks you specify.a. online portfolio c. online recorderb. stock account d. e-tailer
Online music ____ allow you to purchase and then download music singles and albums to your computer, mobile phone, or portable digital media player.a. stores c. auctionsb. clients d. servers
Video content delivered at the user"s request is called ____.a. video channel c. video-on-demandb. video networking d. Video over Internet Protocol
____ sites allow you to generate map and driving directions and provide access to specific types of useful information.a. Educational c. Newsb. Reference d. Product information
The accompanying figure shows the iGoogle ____ Web page.a. portal c. social networkingb. RSS d. podcasting
____ is an online news tool designed for facilitating the delivery of news articles, podcasts, and other content regularly published to a Web site.a. VoIP c. Video-on-demandb. RSS d. Blog
____ refers to any instruction delivered via the Web.a. Web-based training (WBT) c. Distance lessonsb. Web-based teaching (WBT) d. E-training
The ____ is cited as a disadvantage of Web-based training and distance learning by some educators.a. lack of face-to-face contactb. slow feedback and generalized contentc. strict-paced instructiond. inflexible location
In a nutshell, blogs are designed for primarily one-way running communications, while ____ are intended to be modified by others.a. e-portfolios c. e-blogsb. wikis d. e-diaries
A(n) ____ is a collection of an individual"s work accessible through a Web site.a. wiki c. blogb. e-portfolio d. e-diary
____, as it relates to the Internet, encompasses what information about individuals is available, how it is used, and by whom.a. Security c. Filteringb. Privacy d. Control
____ cookies are cookies placed on your hard drive by a company other than the one associated with the Web page that you are viewing—typically a Web advertising company.a. Outsider c. Taggedb. Associate d. Third-party
Internet Explorer users can view and/or delete cookies and other temporary files by using the ____ dialog box.a. Windows c. Fileb. Edit d. Internet Options
Many Web pages today use ____ —small text files that are stored on your hard drive by a Web server, typically the one associated with the Web page being viewed—to identify return visitors and their preferences.a. cookies c. podcastsb. blogs d. filters
Every day, Anthony makes a new post to his personal ____, which is a Web page that displays entries in chronological order.a. blog c. RSSb. wiki d. portal
Anthony regularly visits several popular political ____, which are Web pages designed to facilitate written discussions between people on specific subjects.a. e-mail programs c. Webinarsb. message boards d. podcasts
Brenda likes to download her music from a(n) ____ site and then transfer it to her portable digital media player so that she can listen to her music while she"s away from her computer.a. VoIP c. mobile musicb. RSS d. online music store
Brenda also orders movies and television through the Internet via a(n) ____ provider, which allows users to download video for a small fee.a. RSS c. VoIPb. VOD d. blog
Because she is an avid baseball fan, Brenda has subscribed to the ____ feed of her local team so that news about her team is delivered to her as it becomes available.a. wiki c. portalb. RSS d. VOD

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