Phase diagram is a graphical representation of the physical claims of a substance under different conditions of temperature and also pressure. A typical phase diagram has pressure on the y-axis and also temperature on the x-axis. As we cross the lines or curves on the phase diagram, a phase change occurs. In enhancement, two states of the substance coexist in equilibrium on the lines or curves.

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A phase transition is the transition from one state of matter to one more. There are 3 states of matter: liquid, solid, and also gas.

Liquid: A state of matter that is composed of loose, complimentary relocating pshort articles which form the shape set by the borders of the container in which the liquid is in. This happens bereason the activity of the individual pshort articles within a liquid is much less limited than in a solid. One may notification that some liquids circulation conveniently whereas some liquids flow progressively. A liquid"s family member resistance to flow is viscosity. Solid: A state of issue via tightly packed pwrite-ups which do not readjust the shape or volume of the container that it is in. However, this does not intend that the volume of a solid is a continuous. Solids deserve to expand and also contract once temperatures readjust. This is why when you look up the density of a solid, it will certainly indicate the temperature at which the value for thickness is detailed. Solids have strong intermolecular pressures that keep pwrite-ups in close proximity to one an additional. Another exciting point to think around is that all true solids have actually crystalline structures. This implies that their pwrite-ups are arranged in a three-dimensional, orderly pattern. Solids will certainly undergo phase transforms as soon as they come throughout energy alters. Gas: A state of issue wright here particles are spcheck out out with no definite form or volume. The particles of a gas will take the shape and also fill the volume of the container that it is put in. In a gas, tbelow are no intermolecular forces holding the pwrite-ups of a gas together given that each particle travels at its own speed in its very own direction.

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The pshort articles of a gas are frequently separated by good ranges.

Phase diagrams highlight the variations in between the claims of matter of facets or compounds as they relate to push and temperatures. The adhering to is an example of a phase diagram for a generic single-component system:

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Figure (PageIndex2a): Phase diagrams for CO2


Figure (PageIndex2b):Phase diagrams for H2O