Guess what a significant worry was this particular day for social media? It"s what"s being explained as a really negative hair day for First Lady Michelle Obama.

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When she made an appearance on "Jeopardy," the much-loved Amerihave the right to quiz present, posing questions to the contestants in a videotaped spot, Twitter entered a frenzy over her tightly pulled earlier hair.

Social media users were left wondering if Michelle had determined to go bald.

Ok that simply witnessed Michelle Obama on Jeopardy? When did she cut all her hair off?

- Diane Fanara (
simmering2) March 24, 2015

OMG! Michelle Obama review video ideas on Jeopardy via her hair pulled back so tightly I assumed she had shaved her head! #baldfirstlady

- kevinburrows (
kevinburrows) March 24, 2015

I wish Michelle Obama DID actually have a shaved head and also lip-synced to "Nothing Compares 2 U" on Jeopardy.

- Jen Kirkguy (
JenKirkman) March 25, 2015

Some attempted a spur-of-the-moment poll.

The brand-new #TheDress. RT if Michelle Obama is bald, fav if her hair is pulled ago super tight.

- Fake Justin Rumps (
rumpsjunior) March 25, 2015

The First Lady"s TV appearance was to promote her "Let"s Move!" anti-childhood obesity initiative.

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