Developer Bungie confirms the finest tasks in Destiny 2 that players have the right to complete in order to acquire previous the soft level ceiling and continue powering up.

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To prepare for the rhelp and Trials releasing this week, Destiny 2 players have actually been leveling as rapid they can because the launch of the game last Tuesday. Thturbulent endure and also figuring it out together, fans discovered the most effective means to level in Destiny 2. But today, developer Bungie confirmed those techniques with a tweet explaining the ideal way to push previous the first roadblock in leveling, which is level 260.

As identified by the community of players, the way to push past the level 260 ceiling, as shown by Bungie, is by doing tasks that award Powerful Gear, which amounts to Luminous Engrams. Those tasks are the weekly reset activities: Nightfalls, Flashpoints, Call to Arms, Raids, Trials, and also Clan rewards.

Up to that point, Rare gear will certainly drop up to level 260, and also players deserve to obtain that equipment by doing nearly any type of task in the game from Public Events to the Crucible. But things sluggish down significantly approximately 260 or 265, as the methods to proceed to level up slow dvery own substantially. In light of that, the recommfinished approach of leveling up a character in Destiny 2 is to grind through activities till that 260/265 level, and also then start doing those tasks.

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As the weekly recollection approaches, no issue what level a player may be, if they are able to carry out these activities, currently is the time before they refresh for a new week. Even if players aren’t fairly 260, they have the right to still open Luminous engrams to send their level greater.

While many type of players, specifically streamers and YouTubers, have power leveled their way also previous level 300, the majority of players will certainly be happy to recognize that the recommended level for the raid (launching on Wednesday) is 260 to 280, through the power raising over the course of the raid.

Destiny 2 is easily accessible currently on PS4 and also Xbox One, and also releases on October 24, 2017 for COMPUTER.

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