If you are trying to find the best red light treatment devices, you are probably currently mindful of the many type of various conditions and symptoms it can treat and also soothe.

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Unsurprisingly tright here is a large number of assets obtainable. In fact, if you type “red light therapy” right into Amazon, you will certainly get over 3000 results! All these products are intended for slightly various purposes, so it’s not surprising if you feel a small overwhelmed at selecting which one is ideal for you.

So we are here to assist. We’ve rounded up the finest products on the industry for a number of of the a lot of well-known uses of red light therapy and reviewed them to aid you make a decision around which one is ideal for you.

Soothe chronic pain Slow the visible impacts of aging Reduce fine lines and also wrinkles Speed up wound healing

So it is hardly surpclimbing that those that have tried it swear by the therapy, or that tbelow are so many type of commodities available! No issue which symptom you are trying to alleviate, you will be spoilt for option for commodities, so take a look at our reviews to find the ideal one for you.

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Here is our list of some of the leading at-residence red light therapy assets which we have compiled and also reviewed:


If you need more information about red light treatment prior to looking at our reviews, we had a buyers overview.

EDITOR’S CHOICE (Wand): From our study, we think the LightStim For Wrinkles is the finest all-round red light therapy tool. It’s intelligent, multiwave patented modern technology, and also flexibility collection it acomponent from the remainder.

The LightStim For Wrinkles is an award-winning, FDA-cleared red light therapy gadget which will boost your skin by encouraging your skin’s herbal collagen and also elastin manufacturing. It deserve to be provided on the whole challenge and is suitable for all skin types. It is a wonderful product which will restore your youthful appearance by eliminating fine lines and also wrinkles.

The LightStim has been a optimal contender in the red light treatment market considering that 2002, winning a number of awards, including the Pure Beauty Award and also Amerihave the right to Spa Professional’s Choice Award. You recognize you are obtaining a high quality product from LightStim. The kit includes the red light therapy tool with plug, goggles, photoserum and also a trendy bag to store it all it.


Lightstim has progressed LED innovation from NASA and produced a patented, Multiwave innovation. This implies that it emits several various wavelengths (colors) of light at when – amber, deep red, light red and infrared. Your skin absorbs these different wavelengths of light at various depths, so this Multiwave Technology treats your skin deep within the tconcerns. This suggests it is a non-invasive therapy which renders your skin healthier from the inside.

The diameter of the treatment location is 3” (7.5cm), yet it has actually as many kind of as 72 LEDs on that surchallenge, giving you the maximum coverage for the finest results.

Ease Of Use

This red light therapy tool is incredibly easy to use. Sindicate plug it in, and also you are prepared to go! It is mains-powered, so it maintains a consistent output, providing you continual therapies. It weighs just 1.1lbs (499g), and it is extremely comfortable to organize. You may also discover it soothing to use!

The LightStim has a integrated 3-minute timer, which implies that you can sit earlier and also relax throughout your light treatment session, fairly than keeping an eye on the clock! It also has actually an automatic shut off after 30 minutes in instance you accidentally leave it switched on.

To get the ideal outcomes, the instructions suggest you use your LightStim 5-7 times per week until you reach the results you desire, and also then cut it back to simply maintenance sessions.


The LightStim is FDA-cleared for use everywhere the face. Amongst other wavelengths, it emits infra-red light, which will feel warming on your skin. While this is soopoint, you need to take care not to stare at the light resource as the glare have the right to cause you discomfort. To make sure your eyes are defended during your red light therapy sessions, the LightStim kit includes goggles which are comfortable to wear and effective. We would always recommfinish utilizing these goggles, also if you are not treating your eye area.


We love the LightStim! It is comfortable to host, straightforward to usage and will certainly offer you excellent results. We additionally love that tright here are various versions which are specially designed to treat different symptoms, so you can also gain a LightStim to solve your pain, or your acne as well. The safety goggles are a great enhancement to the set, giving you the confidence that your safety is at the heart of this product.

For also even more indevelopment around this product, check out our LightStim for Wrinkles Rewatch next!

EDITOR’S CHOICE (Full Body Panel): The Joovv Solo is a big, FDA-apconfirmed, full-body red light therapy device. It is a wonderful architecture that offers you clinical-grade irradiance (power) and also uses you the choice in between red light, near-infrared light, or both together for your therapies. Its modern technology is optimized to make it the a lot of effective light therapy device on the sector, and also its modular style suggests that you deserve to construct up your system to personalize your therapies perfectly.

At first glance you may think that its large dimension, clinical-grade power and intuitive therapies stand also it acomponent from the remainder, but in reality it is the outcomes that stop for the JOOVV. It is endorsed by Olympic and NFL athletes, human being renowned nutritionists and also fitness trainers …the list goes on. So we were extremely happy when we had the opportunity to attempt the Joovv Solo out!

Large Size, Modular Design (Patent Pending)

The Joovv Solo is a huge panel style (8.75 inches by 35 inches) which is significantly larger than the other red light treatment gadgets we have actually discussed. It likewise therefore has actually far even more lamps (150 electrostatic-coated LEDs), which emit red and near-infrared light. It gives you a high-top quality output, meaning that you can save time with shorter treatments, without compromising on the top quality that you receive each session. Being a large architecture implies that you deserve to treat a large location of your body at once, fairly than being limited to the small spot size that hand also held devices have.

At 5 foot 7 inches (170 cm) tall with a slim framework, and standing at the recommended distance of about 6 inches (15 cm) from the device, the output from the Joovv Solo got to from my face down to my mid thighs and also simply to the edges of my arms, so it has wonderful coverage.

But one of the attributes of the Joovv that truly sets it apart from other red light treatment devices is the modular design – interpretation that you can connect up numerous gadgets for even greater coverage. For instance, you might include a 2nd below to lengthen the treatment area, or you can add one more to one side if you desire broader coverage. When erected properly, the gadgets will automatically pair so that they then work-related from one regulate panel, and if linked to the app, you have actually one-touch manage over all the tools.

If you recognize that you desire higher coverage, you can opt for a larger Joovv system. For instance, in enhancement to the Joovv Solo, there are different kits that you have the right to buy which include various numbers of Solo panels for more coverage. For instance, the Joovv Quad has actually 4 panels, while the Joovv Elite has actually as many as 6 devices.

Conversely, if you want to begin out through one and also then find you desire more, you have the right to have actually it! It is simple to acquire even more and add them on. This means that it is exceptionally easy to upgrade your setup at any phase.

If you are tight on area and would favor a smaller sized variation, the Joov also comes in a desktop version recognized as the Joovv Mini. It is 8.75 inches wide by 15 inches lengthy (22 cm by 38.1 cm) and comes through both a door mount and tablepeak stand also. It has actually fewer LEDs to account for the smaller sized dimension (60 in total), however the innovation is the exact same and it still has the modular style.

Easy Set-Up

It is exceptionally basic to erected your Joovv Solo – it took us around 5 minutes from opening the box to hanging it up and switching it on. It comes with whatever you should collection it up, consisting of an Alan essential and also a door mount. The comprehensive instruction manual quickly takes you through just how to mount it on the door and begin it up, with even more guidance further on in the booklet if you are establishing up even more tools together.

Just one person deserve to carry out the majority of the setup, however it is worth having actually a second pair of hands to lift and also assistance it as you affix it to the door mount – which just takes a few secs. The architecture of the door mount mechanism indicates that you have the right to conveniently raise and also lower your gadget to suit the elevation of various world, so you deserve to easily adapt it as soon as it is hung.

Produces Optimal Output For Health Benefits

The Joovv Solo is able to produce both continuous red light which has actually a wavesize of 660nm and near-infrared light, which has a wavelength of 850nm. The output it delivers is clinical-grade power, recognized as irradiance, and once unified with the correct distance from the resource during treatments, clinical researches have found that this output is optimal for producing wellness benefits in both your superficial and also deep tconcerns.

Joovv has been rigorously tested by the FDA and is shown for relieving pain and stiffness that is connected with arthritis and as well as muscle spasms and minor muscle and also joint aches.

For each session, you deserve to pick between the two various wavelengths, which offer you slightly various benefits, or you have the right to usage both at the same time for maximum benefits!

For instance, if you are making use of red light therapy to enhance muscle recovery or soothe joint pain, infrared is the more suitable establishing because it is able to permeate deeper with your body tissues. It is worth noting though that near-infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, so it will certainly look favor the lights are not turning on.

On the other hand, if you are making use of red light treatment to advantage your skin health and wellness, the constant red light is more suitable. This is bereason it is better absorbed by the more superficial skin cells that boost collagen production. This choice gives you much more manage over your treatment sessions than various other red light therapy devices, and also we love that you deserve to choose to run both forms at the same time for an even more in-depth treatment.

Intuitive Treatments

Similar to the setup, the therapies are very basic and also intuitive also. Once you have turned the tool on, the control panel on the side screens the default therapy time, which you deserve to readjust by pressing the ‘time’ button. You deserve to choose treatment times of in between 1 and 20 minutes.

The recommended therapy time for optimizing cellular health and wellness is 10 minutes per session, at a distance of 6 inches (15 cm) from the tool.

The therapy mode selection is likewise on this regulate panel. It will certainly automatically choose both red and also near-infrared once you first switch it on, yet by pushing the ‘mode’ button, you deserve to toggle between them. Don’t forobtain that close to infrared is not visible to the naked eye, so if you select just near infrared, you won’t see the light coming out.

Once it is put up properly, you are ready to begin your treatment. Simply push the ‘play/pause’ button to begin! You deserve to quickly pausage the therapy and any type of time then resume it as soon as you are prepared.

One reference we have is that you wear eye defense. While the user hands-on says that eye protection is not essential, the LEDs are extremely bbest, and also the glare have the right to be uncomfortable, also via your eyes shut. Therefore, we recommfinish purchasing some blackout goggles to cover your eyes during treatments. For us, this made the light therapy a lot even more relaxing, and also you deserve to also put on some gentle music to offer yourself an also much better spa suffer in the time of your red light therapy sessions!

Joovv App

As with an enhancing variety of devices and also assets, “there’s an application for that!” The Joovv Red Light Therapy App pairs through your tool – or multiple Joovv devices if you have actually even more than one – via Bluetooth, providing you one-touch regulate of your therapies. It works on both iOS and also Android systems.

With this, you have the right to set a weekly targain and also store track of previous sessions, as well as monitor your statistics of light therapy you obtained – red vs. near infrared or combined.

Red light treatment is an enjoyable suffer anyway, but the app renders it also more interactive and also in our opinion renders it more likely that you will certainly continue your treatments, which is important when it pertains to light therapy, as consistency is essential.

Clinical-quality red and near-infrared light FDA apshowed Modular design for expansion Works via an application Very straightforward to usage Multiple therapy settings Wide coverage

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think this is a great red light treatment system. It have the right to benefit your totality body through its wide coverage, and we love that you have the right to upgrade it and also link up other gadgets to rise the therapy area. It is very basic to usage and also we love that you deserve to track your treatments on the app! Overall, we absolutely recommend this red light therapy tool.

EDITOR’S CHOICE (Mask): If you are exclusively in search of a red light therapy device to treat your facial location, then this is the product for you! From the masks we can find, we think that this is the ideal one obtainable. The different colors you have the right to pick for your therapy expect that it is incredibly functional.

The 7-shade LED Photon therapy Facial Beauty Skin Care Mask from Project E Beauty is a brilliantly-designed LED mask designed to treat a substantial array of skin conditions and also complaints. It have the right to mitigate and prevent the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, fight fatty areas, inhilittle the advance of melanin pigment and also enhance the elasticity of your skin, causing a healthier, more youthful appearance.


As suggested by the name, you can pick in between 7 various colors once setting up your mask for a treatment. These colors array from 390nm (purple) to 650 nm (red), and also each is favored because it brings distinct benefits to the skin.

For instance, you can pick red, which is just one of the many effective colors at increasing blood circulation and also stimulates collagen production for anti-aging, while cyan is great for soopoint inflammation and purple is relaxing and boosts lymph metabolism.

Ease Of Use

The mask is very easy to usage. After washing and also drying your confront, you ssuggest switch it on, select your color and set the timer, before placing it on your confront. With a shipping weight of 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg), it is fairly hefty, so to prevent discomfort it may be best for you to lay earlier and also relax during your treatment, yet you can check out out of the ‘eye holes’!

A said treatment plan from the manufacturers is 10-15 minute per session, via 3-4 sessions per week, which you have the right to reduce to 1-2 per week as soon as you accomplish your preferred results. Included in the collection, you will discover the LED mask, remote manage, USB cable, power cord and a considerable user guide.


Project E’s mission is to administer “human being course excellence’. They pride themselves on the strict quality manage guidelines and also criteria that their commodities have to concreate to, so you understand you will certainly be obtaining a premium product.

The lights are all LEDs, and the mask is efficient at all intensity levels, so you don’t necessarily should choose the peak setting to obtain outcomes. As everyone’s skin is various, we recommend founding at the lowest intensity and increasing it if you should.

Multiple supplies for one mask due to the different lights Portable Cost-effective, multi-usage tool Easy to operate Portable


Overall, this incredibly versatile mask is a great choice for a broad array of facial conditions and also complaints. Yes, the contoured design means it is much less suitable for also dealing with other locations of your body, yet it does intend that all the curves of your challenge will be treated, providing you a brilliant outcome.

EDITOR’S CHOICE (Hair Loss): If you are searching for a chemical and drug-cost-free solution to your thinning, receding hair or baldness, then this is the red light treatment tool for you. It uses clinical-toughness laser technology and also created exceptional results in the 2017 clinical trials. We believe that this is the ideal hair development red light treatment gadget approximately.

The iRestore is an FDA-cleared hair growth system which offers laser, red light therapy to encourage the development of thicker and also healthier hair. It is a non-invasive solution that is suggested for dealing with androgenic alopecia. It have the right to be supplied alongside your other hair loss products, as it is believed to improve the results you see from them as well. You have the right to intend to view results in between 3 and also 6 months after start your therapy.


The technology is a clinically-prcooktop strategy of restoring hair development, and the outcomes that were presented in the 2017 clinical trial were phenomenal. The 100% of the participants skilled significant hair development, consisting of an average rise in hairs of 43.23%!

The lasers usage light which has actually a specific wavelength of 650nm (red light), which is clinically proven to boost hair growth. There are 51 medical-grade lasers in total that emit light energy which the hair follicles absorb. It is assumed that the absorbed light increases the rate of cell metabolism and reactivates the follicles, thereby stimulating hair expansion.

Ease Of Use

You will uncover the iRestore laser hair development mechanism exceptionally simple to use. You sindicate area it secucount on your head and also you are ready to start. It has a clear timer display screen which allows you to start, pause and also resume your treatments. At the end of the session, it will certainly immediately turn off, so you cannot overtreat your hair. Manufacturer’s advice is to treat your head eextremely other day for 25 minutes per session. The helmet sits comfortably on your head and is lightweight yet resilient.


The iRestore is FDA-cleared to treat androgenic alopecia (hereditary hair loss). It is a chemical-free solution for your thinning or balding hair, although it can be supplied alongside various other hair growth products.

The iResave is a safe and also drug-totally free, yet it is a laser device, so you do must exercise some caution and also straightforward caretaking. Persons under the age of 18 should not purchase this product. It need to not be offered on wet hair or by those who are sensitive to light. Please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for more indevelopment.

If provided properly, the iRestore helmet is a safe product that can give you good outcomes, as displayed by the recent clinical trials.

Hands-totally free procedure 100% positive outcomes form 2017 clinical trial Lightweight Great head coverage Comes with a 6-month money-ago guarantee Ideal for both males and women


We think this is an excellent solution for hair loss. It is comfortable to wear and also lightweight, despite being resilient and also incredibly effective. We love that it deserve to be used alongside your usual hair growth assets to improve the outcomes better. The results from the current clinical trials soptimal for themselves – it’s not frequently a product has a 100% success rate!

The Baby Quasar PURE RAYZ Skintreatment Therapy Device is the product for you because it helps to reduce wrinkles and develop new collagen. It’s gentle enough for all skin types and also tones.

Baby Quasar Pure Rayz Skintreatment Therapy Device uses progressed modern technology to emit only organic wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are intfinished to penetrate deeper than topical commodities alone. It have the right to offer you long-lasting outcomes, without causing sunlight sensitivity.

The basic to use gadget emits 4 unique wavelengths of light, consisting of infrared. It is designed for basic anti-wrinkle therapy and has a big treatment head, which renders a very efficient and durable anti-aging light therapy solution accessible without a prescription to treat wrinkles.

It is a safe, organic therapy for aging skin, and using it is simple to understand also. Cleanse your skin and also then apply a serum if you desire to. Then, apply the Pure Rayz device to your skin for 3 minutes per location, moving it is a slow, circular activity. Just make certain you keep your eyes shut once treating the location approximately your eyes. It has actually an automatic timer that lets you understand as soon as to relocate to the following section. Ideally, offer yourself 5 therapies per week for the initially 8 weeks, and also then for maintenance, finish therapies when per week and as essential. Each procedure takes 3 minutes per location.

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Large treatment head FDA-cleared “anti-wrinkle” skin care tool Portable Emits only organic wavelengths of light Safe to usage with topical assets Gentle enough for all skin kinds and also tones.