‘Not precisely. The Cunninghams are nation folks, farmers, and also the crash hit them hardest.’

Atticus sassist the skilled world were bad because the the farmers were bad. As Maycomb County was farm nation, nickels and also dimes were difficult to come by for doctors and dentists and also lawyers. Entailment was only component of Mr Cunningham’s vexations. The acres not entailed were mortgaged to the hilt, and also the little bit cash he made went to interest.

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What does the passage in bold mean?

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According to The Free Thesaurus, the word "entail" means:

To abridge, work out, or limit succession to genuine residential or commercial property. An estate whose succession is limited to specific people fairly than being passed to all heirs.

In actual building, a fee tail is the conveyance of land topic to specific restrictions or limitations, namely, that it may just descfinish to particular specified heirs.

Basically, this was a method of avoiding the land also from being marketed or inherited external of the household.

The fact that the land also was entailed evidently brought about him some financial difficulty bereason he couldn"t market the land also to raise cash. It would additionally intend that he wouldn"t have the ability to borrow money against it, bereason the fact that he wasn"t permitted to offer it would certainly mean that he also couldn"t use it as collateral. (That"s why the book that states that the land also that wasn"t entailed was mortgaged to the hilt).

The book implies that he had actually consulted Atticus Finch on the entailment, which appears to indicate that he was proactively trying to find a method to offer the land also bereason he needed the money.

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Anvarious other instance of a similar legal arrangement is in Pride and also Prejudice, wbelow the land was entailed in such a way that only male household members can inherit it, so every one of the Bennet daughters were being deprived of their single resource of income.