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Actress Danica McKellar was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" last night throughout a display in which the stars performed an individual program, plus a second dance via a contending couple.

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Tbelow were some boos from the ballroom audience once McKellar"s fate was announced, but she took it through grace.

"It"s been absolutely remarkable," she sassist of the suffer.

"I"ve had actually the ideal time ever before and also I didn"t want to watch any type of of them eliminated," she shelp, referring to her fellow rivals, "so I guess it worked out."

McKellar showed up on "lutz-heilmann.infood Morning America" this morning to talk about her elimicountry.

"You never recognize once you"re lutz-heilmann.infoing to gain lutz-heilmann.infot rid of," she shelp. "So you just have to live in the moment. It"s a great life leskid, actually."

Her pro companion, Val Chmerkovskiy, shelp she was a great perkid "that worked really hard," and also she thanked him for everything he did for her.

"You"ve taught me so much," she said.

McKellar and also actor James Maslow had actually both confronted elimicountry last night.

The star with the lowest merged full of judges" scores and also viewer votes from the previous week"s performance is generally voted off.

Reality TV star NeNe Leakes was voted off last week.

Last night"s guest judge was Abby Lee Miller, the star of the fact TV present "Dance Moms."

Chmerkovskiy claburned via Lee Miller, saying about her on "GMA" this morning, "She was tright here and also so were the props in the earlier."

McKellar summed up the experience by saying, "This has actually been the a lot of complex point I"ve ever before done. I compose math books to inspire girls in math, and one point I tell them is obstacle yourself. Do something that scares you daily. That"s what Eleanor Roosevelt sassist."

This was the eighth week of the ABC show"s 18 th seaboy. Last night"s show opened with a song perdeveloped live by "Dancing" pro Mark Ballas.

NeNe Leakes Eliminated on "DWTS"

Tonight"s Routines

Individual Dances

Charlie White: The Olympian ice dancer"s quickaction earned him a perfect score. Bruno Tonioli shelp White was "off the founding block like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby," calling the touch of Argentine "absolutely delicious." Carrie Ann Inaba sassist she kbrand-new White had actually struggcaused discover his stride, and also sassist he "went a action beyond" tonight. Abby Lee Miller discussed a small fregulation through White"s footjob-related however shelp he had "impeccable musicality." Head judge Len lutz-heilmann.infoodmale referenced White"s declared desire last week to earn a 10. "Well last week Charlie, I told you to obtain a 10 you"ve obtained to perform something special, and to be hoswarm with you I"m still functioning it out whether this was special enough but I"ll let you recognize later," he sassist through a smile. lutz-heilmann.infoodguy provided White a 10, as did all the other judges, for a perfect score of 40 points.

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Danica McKellar: Dancing with an injured rib, the star of "The Wonder Years" earned rave reviews for her dark "I loved it, I believed it was lutz-heilmann.infood," Miller sassist. Tonioli referred to as the regimen McKellar"s "most majestic and also effective performance," including that he"d be "devastated" if she were voted off tonight. Inaba said McKellar performed "extremely difficult choreography" through artisattempt, and also while lutz-heilmann.infoodmale said the regime might have actually taken a while to obtain began, as soon as it did "it was excellent." McKellar earned 2 10s and two 9s for a total of 38 points.

"Dancing With the Stars" Seaboy 18: Olympian Charlie White Tops in Week 1

Meryl Davis: The Olympic ice dancer"s passionate rumba drew mixed reviews. Inaba commended the chemistry in between Davis and her pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, yet she sassist she would certainly have desired to watch even more rumba content, quite than contemporary moves. lutz-heilmann.infoodmale agreed, yet said the mood and feel of the program were great. "Listen, I could watch it aget," he sassist. Tonioli, also, loved it. "It was favor watching a play without words. It was motivated. It was untypical. It was various, and I loved it," he shelp. Miller said Davis needed to watch how she hosted her feet. When co-host Erin Andrews asked Chmerkovskiy how he felt around Miller"s, he replied: "I really don"t treatment for anything she has to say." His comment attracted gasps from the audience. Davis earned a 10, two 9s and an 8 for a complete of 36 points.

"Dancing With the Stars": Drew Carey Voted Off on Party Anthem Week

Candace Cameron Bure: The "Full House" actress"s earned global kudos for her foxtrot. Inaba discussed tiny flaws, yet shelp it showed up the actress was "back on track." lutz-heilmann.infoodmale called the routine "so joyful to watch," while Miller sassist she "loved it." Tonioli shelp the program had actually the bbest vivacity of a lovely, sunny "50s sitcom. "Well done," he shelp. Bure earned 4 9s for a full of 36 points.

James Maslow: Judges favored the circulation of the singer/actor"s elegant Viennese waltz yet they warned him that his posture in ballroom hold needed to be much better. lutz-heilmann.infoodmale, Inaba and Tonioli all said Maslow"s legs necessary to be straighter and also his buttocks tucked in more, yet Miller had nopoint yet praise for him. "James, it"s the male dancer"s job to make the womale look exceptional and that"s what you did," she sassist. Maslow earned an 8, two 9s and a 10 for a complete of 36 points.

Amy Purdy: The paralympian snowboarder who"s dancing on two prosthetic legs earned a continual standing ovation from the ballroom audience for her dramatic Argentine Even though she injured her back in the time of last"s week performance, her regimen drew unanimous praise from judges. "That was totally spellbinding. I feel favor I"m in a trance," Tonioli said. "Power? Tbelow. Control? Tbelow. Precision? There. Immersion right into the character? There. Perfection!" Miller shelp Purdy was remarkable, and she pincreased her pro partner, Derek Hough, for taking dangers, pushing the envelope and making Purdy look lutz-heilmann.infood. Inaba sassist Purdy put herself in a class of her very own through the performance, and lutz-heilmann.infoodguy told co-organize Tom Bergeron: "If I"m dreaming, Tom, don"t wake me up. That was terrific!" Purdy earned four 10s for a perfect score of 40.

Dance Duel

The second round featured 2 couples dancing the same style of dance side by side. The judges would certainly award one score, and also each couple would certainly obtain that score included their full for the night.

Samba: Meryl Davis and also her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy danced the samba versus Danica McKellar and Val Chmerkovskiy. lutz-heilmann.infoodguy loved the content and technique, however, favor all the other judges, he observed timing problems when Davis and McKellar danced in sync. Each couple earned 34 points.

Contemporary : Charlie White and also Sharna Burgess and also Candace Cameron Bure and also Mark Ballas turned in a passionate modern regimen. Miller praised Bure"s initiative, telling her "appropriate now you look choose an Abby Lee Dance Company member." Tonioli shelp Bure and also White were "created each various other," and shelp the four were prefer a unit. Inaba dubbed White"s lift of Bure "flawmuch less, seammuch less, lutz-heilmann.inforgeous," but discussed that Citizen seemed to slip. lutz-heilmann.infoodman also observed that misstep, yet sassist the team remained in tune via the music. Judges gave each couple 38 points.

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Jive: Amy Purdy and also Derek Hough danced a jive through James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd, and also judges loved it. Tonioli proasserted it extraplain. "Amy and Peta, you look like sisters. Sisters are doing it for themselves!" he said. "James stepping right into Derek"s shoes takes some doing and also you did it beauticompletely. That was fabulous!" Inaba stated a minor fregulation yet the stars danced at the very same level as the specialists. lutz-heilmann.infoodguy said it was "every little thing and even more that I might have wimelted to watch," while Miller sassist she "wanted to acquire up and dance, really, for choose, the first time ever." Each couple earned 39 points.

The Scores (Individual Routine, Dance Duel)

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough: 40; 39. Total: 79

Charlie White and also Sharna Burgess: 40; 38. Total: 78

James Maslow-moving and also Peta Murgatroyd: 36; 39. Total: 75

Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas: 36; 38. Total: 74

Danica McKellar and Valentin Chmerkovskiy: 38; 34. Total: 72 (McKellar was voted off tonight.)