Fortnite is ago through some weird/great obstacles for seachild 6, week 8, and also the ideal of the bunch is this brand-new one, which asks players to dance with a fish trophy in salso different named locations.

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What’s a fish trophy? Wright here are they? Why perform they desire to dance through you? All these concerns and more will certainly be answered listed below.

As you may have actually supposed, the “fish trophies” carry out indeed echo that famed prehistoric meme product, Big Mouth Billy Bass, and you will discover him installed on wall surfaces up and dvery own the entire map. Dance with him and you’ll obtain your obstacle done, yet remember these have to be various locations.

Go right here to watch where to shoot Clay Pigeons.

I have actually done my best to hunt down a ton of these, though my guess is tright here are still even more and there’s probably one in eincredibly named location somewbelow. But I have actually uncovered ten, and also you only require seven, so this fishy trophy map should really be all you must acquire this challenge done.

The residence at the west side of Fatal Fields A home toward the east edge of Shifty Shafts The main lodge of Lonely Lodge in the ago Inside the sporting goods keep at the northeast of Retail Row (through the giant fish on the outside) A house at the northwest of Salty Springs In the save smack in the middle of Grsimple Grove At the second house from the top in Snobby Shores Inside the Dusty Divot diner In the building at the north of Riskies Reels In the shop at the northwest of Lazy Links

I’ve discovered that if you run directly to these structures you will most likely not have the misfortune of running into various other players trying to kill you with recently raised pickaxe damages, but they are all in called areas, which are hotter landing zones than most, so be on your guard. I would certainly hope that if you ran into someone else trying to execute the obstacle, you would certainly make a truce to let you both finish it in tranquility prior to you start trying to hack each other to bits.

I will certainly be on the lookout for more areas, however aobtain, this is all you really must get this completed. Guessing there’s one in Tilted and Pleasant Park at the exceptionally least, so if you discover those let me recognize.

I favor this obstacle, and it’s nice to have a “uncover salso things” again job from Epic after so many kind of weeks of simply boring “perform the majority of damages via different weapons” difficulties that have popped up given that Treasure Maps and also Search Betweens have gone away. I like hunts like this, and creating guides for them, so hopecompletely we view more choose the fish trophy dances later.

I hope this overview was helpful to you and also that you had actually some fun fish dances on your way to completing this. If I uncover any type of more I will update this list, yet you should be good to go via this alone for now.

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