Cross That Bridge When You Come to It Meaning

Definition: Solve that problem once it arises.

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Origin of Cross That Bridge When You Come to It

To understand this idiom, imagine eexceptionally difficulty you have as a river. To deal with the problem, you must cross that river by going over an old bridge in disrepair.

And bereason tright here are many type of problems on life’s journey, you will need to cross many kind of dangerous bridges. However before, it won’t aid you to stress out about all of these bridges at as soon as. It’s better to emphasis on each one as it approaches.

In other words, you will certainly resolve a difficulty (crossing a bridge) once it arises.

This idiom first appeared in composing in the year 1851 in the occupational titled The Golden Legend by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The full line was, Don’t cross the bridge till you come to it, is a proverb old and also of excellent wit.

This says that the proverb was currently well-known at that time.

Examples of Cross That Bridge When You Come to It

In this dialogue, a brother and also sister are talking around all the difficulties the brvarious other is suffering.

Maria: What’s the matter? You look very involved.

Franco: I feel stressed because my boss hasn’t passist me for the past month of occupational.

Maria: That’s awful! Did you ask him to pay you?

Franco: No, because I don’t desire him to fire me. And if he refoffers, then I don’t have the money to pay a lawyer to get my unpassist wages ago from him.

Maria: Cross that bridge as soon as you come to it. First, remind him to pay you. Deal through that first. There’s no sense in worrying around somepoint that might or might not happen.

The second example shows two university students that are talking around the concerns they have actually about their schedule for the next year.

Lorenzo: I wish I could authorize up for classes previously. I’m worried that all my forced courses will be complete prior to I have actually a opportunity to register. And if that happens, I won’t graduate on time. If I don’t graduate on time, I’ll be behind schedule on my life plan! This might disrupt the entire rest of my life!

Alba: Cross that bridge when you pertained to it. First, emphasis on trying to enroll in as much as you deserve to. If you can’t gain into eexceptionally class you need, then you’ll find some various other solution. However, it won’t execute you any type of excellent to issue around that best currently.

More Examples

The excerpt below is from an write-up about a coach through cancer.

This excerpt is around a taxation audit.

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The phrase cross that bridge as soon as you involved it is one more way to say deal with one problem at a time.


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